Are Coffee and Diabetes – Friends or Enemies?

There are many researches about the connection between coffee and diabetes and how does the drinking of a few cups affect the people with that condition.

Many of us know people who have diabetes or even have close relatives with that condition. This is a chronic condition related to the metabolism of the body, which is known to have high levels of blood sugar. This is practically a lifetime condition, which damages the blood vessels and the nervous system in the human body. The human metabolism presents degradation of substances that produce energy for our body to carry out its functions.

People with diabetes do not have enough of the so-called “insulin” hormone produced in their bodies and their systems cannot handle the levels of glucose. So this is not very pleasant condition when these people need to check constantly their health, to take insulin every day and stay careful for everything they eat. But how can we protect ourselves before becoming sick in the first place? Are there any preventive measures? Actually yes! And the key is somewhere in the connection between coffee and diabetes.

Many researchers are already published in different forms in the media. Brazilian, Australian, Chinese, American and many other scientists have made investigations and publications on that topic. The conclusions of them all are similar – coffee and diabetes both are well-connected in some ways. Here is what they have found: coffee prevents diabetes. Yes, that’s right!

I was very surprised to find out that this habit of mine that’s considered as harmful for my health could actually be helpful for me in some other ways. Can you believe that? Actually, this is how nature works – when taking away one thing, then giving something else. I have learned that during my entire life so far.

So, coffee might be harmful to your blood pressure, but it prevents you from getting diabetes, particularly the so-called “diabetes type II”. The scientists have found that the ratio is proportional: the more coffee you consume, the more protected you are and the chances of getting the condition are lower. There are specific antioxidants in the energy drink that prevents accumulation of proteins, which on the other hand are found involved in getting diabetes. From all the ingredients the caffeine is less efficient. That is why decaffeinated coffee is also helpful. That entire discovery can help scientists in finding new medicines to help humanity in the great fight against diabetes and its consequences.

Still, we need to remember that too good is not always good. As we mentioned before, too much coffee can influence our blood pressure and cause even more damages. We need to stay extra careful. But the conclusion is simple: drink coffee and diabetes will probably never reach you. I feel so much relieved now! My favorite drink was never actually as harmful as the doctors have always said everywhere. I will drink it even with more pleasure in the morning from now on! What about you? Do you like the smell of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning?

Source by Ashuli Jain

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