Are Men’s Tastes In Female Body Types Changing?

Well, I guess Southern CA is a big place and thus, there are different body styles for different tastes. We also have a huge Hispanic influence, Asian contingency too. People are on average better looking in Southern CA perhaps due to expectations, perceptions, and natural selection for looks + Hollywood, and good weather allowing people to be a fit as they care to work to get. But still, as I have traveled around the country I’ve seen the increase in waist size here and everywhere and it has gotten worse over the last couple of decades – it’s the processed food, and what is that funny song; “Nobody Walks In LA!”

Indeed, somehow our think tank got on this topic as it was observed that more gals these days were wider, as are more men. Men seemed to adjust to this okay, dating larger gals. One member of our think tank noted Kate Winslet and her physique as desirable.

Sure, Kate Winslet has a nice figure, as that goes. Perfect? Well, so subjective right? What is perfect? I kind of like diversity, not forced, but normal diversity distribution should be celebrated. I personally always wondered why I had preferred blondes (blue eyes) and redheads, slender, petite – maybe brunettes with light eyes. Originally, I thought it might be my college running career, as all the girls I dated back then were on the long-distance track team and were athletes too, and slender builds, but when I look at the college pictures of my mom, she was slender, petite, blonde, so I wonder – only difference was the 60’s hairdo, my mom kind of looked like Petula Clark, but with blue eyes.

So, this is using myself as a case study, but Freud (who I don’t really like much for several reasons) may have gotten that right, that men prefer women who were like their mothers when they were young and/or had reached adolescence. In my observation, experience and view. It makes sense to me also, which could speak to the inherent race bias – that is if we are all to be honest with ourselves, all of us, even those who condemn others to get more for themselves -maybe that was too heavy a statement, should I retract it? Will the PC police come and get me for noticing reality?

The only thing that might bother me about the “Skinny Supermodel” build is that I’d be afraid I might break something, scary thought, but human bodies are often stronger than they look. I know as a runner with low body fat, I may have looked weaker than a bigger person, but my agility was incredible and very strong too. So, I think skinny is probably fine, even if I appear to have some Viking genes in there and the Vikings prided themselves in having strong child-bearing women to create genetically strong Viking warrior men and more strong child-bearing women. It worked for them 1000s of years. And the women who ran ancient Scotland seemed to have been more than strong enough to defend their land and honor.

Okay, now then let me get to the point of the title above. If “men” prefer women who are like the mothers while they were children and in adolescence and if more women are fatter now, then there will be an increase in desirability for bigger gals in the future. And interestingly enough, this is a trend we observe now – it’s happening so I am going to stick with this new theory. Care to opine?

Source by Lance Winslow

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