Are Neckties a Symbol of Equality?

Patriarchy has always been the trend in many societies all over the world. In this universe, men are always regarded as higher than women. The female population has always struggled to fight for their right and equal opportunities. The dawn of the feminist movement has allowed more and more women to unchain themselves form the dictates of patriarchy and discover their potentials. At this point, women were able to prove that they were equals of men and patriarchy, although a resilient trend, can always be done away with. The corporate world then experienced the robust leadership of women and witnessed as more and more women outshone men in different fields of specialization.

Gender equality has manifested itself in a lot of ways. Even the fashion industry was not an exception. Women previously wore dresses ornamented with boughs and festooned with laces. Men wore scarves, ties and coats. From these dresses alone, you can equate women as being fragile and men being the stronger sex. Fashion was a status symbol, it was the status quo. But with the changing status of men and women, fashion went on with the flow and allowed women to wear pants, coats and neckties-pieces of clothing that were previously only for the distinguished sex.

Neckties are minute and sometimes trivial details of men's wardrobe. This tie has stood by feminism and became the shining beacon of gender and class equality. If you try to look around, you will notice that neckties are not just worn by men, but by women as well with utter disregard to their political affiliations and social status.

All over the world, you will see that there are schools that require their students, both girls and boys, to wear neckties as part of their uniform. These neckties have no specific cuts or colors to distinguish each sex. However, the only distinguishing part of the uniform is skirts, worn by women, but then again, coats are still worn with neckties.

In the global economy, where there are both men and women players, there is no restriction as to who can wear a coat with neckties. Everyone is simply required to project an image o formality and decency. People wear coats regardless of their position and everyone wears a necktie, again, with disregard to whoever is more highly educated or has the authority. Everyone is afforded the right to wear a necktie in special occasions, business meetings, weddings, interviews and the like.

Neckties have always represented superiority and power. This piece of clothing accessory were worn strictly and exclusively by men and those who warrant respect and obedience. It was only for the distinguished few. But with the changing times, the neckties were afforded to everyone who deserve the same as respect as they are human beings and as such, have the same rights and warrant the same respect afforded to anyone.

No one should feel restricted to wear neckties. No one should even hesitate to do so. If you want to command respect from everyone around you, wear your tie. Not everyone knows what a necktie stands for but it's about time that they do, through you.

Source by Alain Picard

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