Are Shirt Prices More Important Than Quality?

Do you think the price of a shirt is more important that quality?

If yes, Let's start with the scenario.

You are going for your official meeting, friend's party, or something important function, what you would prefer to wear? Low Quality or High-quality Shirt? Absolutely you will prefer high-quality shirts, right? No one wants to project them with poor quality shirts. But In this modern world, we should also think about spending Money on clothes. We could see the shirt prices from low range to high based on the quality.

Low Shirt Price or High Shirt Price?

When I went to purchase a shirt the first question I have received the salesman is "Are you looking for the Low price or high price shirt?". It's really made me think about it. When you go with quality you have to spend your money based on the quality range. But if you think that price is important, then you have to compromise the quality forever.

Nowadays some people are crazy about fashion. According to the online survey, people from age group 16-30 spending more on purchasing clothes and shoes. Everyone want to be the trendsetter in the society, so they are not considering the shirt prices.

If you like to find a high quality and cheap custom shirt, it is better to find a local online tailor who able provide tailoring services with various type of T-shirts, uniforms and jerseys for your team or company.

Deals and Discount …

People believe that if the shirt prices are low then the quality will be low. Remember the High-value clothes not always a better choice.

According to the current situation, people are expecting something in terms of both Price and Quality. So everyone looking for the deals or discount something.

Especially in the shopping season, November and December people are spending more money on purchasing clothes and goods with a lot of deals and offers. On that season they are not considering about quality when compared to the shirt prices.

Nowadays the trend has been changed for every six months. If you want to be the trendsetter then you should not worry about the quality.

Because you are not going keep the cloth after six months. But if you are someone who never compromises the quality then you have to spend your money on high values.

To conclude this topic, whether it is price or quality its matters about individual's decision. From My opinion, I would say shirt prices are important than high quality as I'm crazy about fashion and trend setting.

What about you?

Source by Yap Jia Qing

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