Are Women Sexier Than Men?

We live in a society that has unprecedentedly attached the prime importance to physical attractiveness than ever. A person with a good looking, either male or female, can be promised a more glorious future than those plain Jane or any average Joe. You can be badly educated, but once you are endowed with a pretty or handsome face, a killer body, two long and slender thighs, then good luck is awaiting you. That is the reason why we can see an increasing number of stars who enjoys popularity on a worldwide scale are almost illiterate. By contrast, they have developed good and critical taste in their clothes, remarks and manners of stage. Take the female stars for example, they, more often than not, like to wear sexy costumes and high heel shoes. The tighter their evening dresses and the higher their fashion shoes are, the more attractive they think they will be. This has become a well-established conception in their mind, so is the case with the tabloid reporters, who are mostly sneaky fellows taking a special liking to hide in bushes just for catching some photos and making stories for their nonsensical entertainment news.

Perhaps it seems to you that I am a rather cynical person who is so queer to keep on complaining about the society all the time. Then I should tell you must be mistaken. What makes me uncomfortable are the perfumed talks by the reporters, who would like to add something odd to attract the eyeball of the public. For example, recently Christina Aguilera’s words have become their targets.

Needless to say, Christina Aguilera is so hot a star that every man likes to talk about her, including me. There is nothing strange in our fondness of her for her appeal to different sex is what I call biological principle. It is spontaneous that men appeal to women and women to men. Seeing from this, we can’t help becoming puzzled by the reported words about Christina Aguilera, who was said to claim that “I prefer watching female strippers to male ones”.

It really gives me a big startle when I heard these reports. You might think I like to make a fuss over the tiny happenings in life each time, while what I want to oppose is why reporters like to reveal these funny private information from these stars. In their mind, this kind of news can arouse the interest of public and prompt them to enlarge their circulation of their prints, or attract tens of thousands of netizens to hit their web stations and bring in large volume of profit from advertising.

Source by Will Harris

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