Are You a Holistic Fashionista?

There truly is no better time than right now, in this day and age that we are so blessed to live in to become a Holistic Fashionista. We are at the pinnacle of a healthy living revolution where being skinny or overweight is not in vogue– being healthy is so chic! Building your holistic business is all about defining your brand and crafting your authentic marketing message. My brand is all about empowering the holistic fashionista to get healthy and pursue her dreams. Find out is you’re one of us!

What does holistic mean exactly?

Holistic means whole or oneness. Whether you are looking at your health, your wardrobe, or your life in general, when you look at it as one big pie. When you see life as holistic, then all the magic pieces starting falling into place: work, love, play. I don’t know about you, but when you’re living the dream and doing it with major style, life becomes pretty kick-ass.

With holistic living there are no short-cuts, quick fixes, or ways to cheat– that’s why the process of being holistic is so friggin cool. You get to eat healthy, delicious meals (who cares about fad diets and calorie counting), use skincare products that don’t contain harsh ingredients (bye-bye acne), you get to detox and cleanse your body so you have energy through the roof (more time to play dress up!), and the best part is you get to capitalize on being YOU.

The best part about fashion is showcasing your individuality and we believe your style is part of that big ole pie.

Who is a Holistic Fashionista?

Female. well, duh.

Environmentally Friendly.

While she’s not big on drinking out of water bottles because they contain hormone disruptors, when she does she always recycles. She loves nature, fresh air, and a healthy dose of Vitamin D (aka sunshine). Conscious of her surroundings, and finds inner peace in solitude, she might collect rocks or heal herself with crystals, because her intrinsic nature has a love affair with nature. She’ll frolick in the wild any ole day.


In the grand scheme of things this girl knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to think outside the box. Her home matches her creative sensibility and her wardrobe is definitely abundant– perhaps even bursting at the seams. She loves shoes, art, fashion, home decor, color, texture, + lots of other rad things– particular vintage. Basically, everything she does is stylish.

Health Conscious.

She may or may not be a vegan or vegetarian, but she cares what she puts in her mouth, but not in that frantic “i might get fat way”. A true advocate of healthy cuisine, she frequents local raw food restaurants, organic juice bars, and cherry picks her veggies at farmers markets. Not one for counting calories, she’s perfecting fine with her body weight and image. She knows she fabulous inside and out!

Music & Art Fan.

She might not listen to your favorite band, but she has a favorite band– if not 20 of them. Since she participates in the art scene: going to museums, attending local art shows, and fancying some of the finer things in life. Her music collection is as eclectic as her rolling rack of vintage finds. She probably collects stuff and puts them on display for her company to admire. She loves things.


Favorite pastimes such as: flea market shopping, running errands is her favorite super high wedges, and catching up with gal pals over tea or low-sugar cocktails, this fine lady has things to do and people to see. Getaways with boyfriends (or hubbies) or a weekend retreat with her other holistic fashionista for a little rest and relaxation. She probably frequents bead stores or thrift shops (on occasion) and never forgets that homemade things are tastier and more sentimental.


She isn’t too granola and she isn’t too rigid. She likes to have fun and knows her limits (she might slip up every once in awhile, but hey, that’s what detoxes are for). She dresses to showcase her individuality and artistic side. The girl can’t help but captivate her audience, turn heads at parties, or part her hair funny because she’s the next trendsetter. She does NOT follow trends; she makes them. She’s the girl you want to know. Better yet, she’s probably you.


She knows what she wants (and usually how to get it) and has a creative venture she’s pursuing in a big way. The talented holistic fashionista has a business idea running through her veins or a blog that is (or will be soon) making her cash to supplement her shopping sprees. Even when times are tight or energy is low, her positive mindset keeps her in check. She’ll never give up on her dreams; she’s a true warrior at heart.

Source by Angel Quintana

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