Are You Camera Ready? Fashion Tips on Always Looking Your Best

I picked up the term “camera ready” from a former Marketing Manager.  You know how each time you are aware that you will be posing for the camera you make an extra effort to ensure your hair is in place, your make up is applied and that you are fabulously dressed.   Well “camera ready simply means that – being ready to take a photo. Who doesn’t want to look their best when taking a photo? 

Being “camera ready” is important attribute in marketing as this is a dynamic field and agendas change all the time. I always found that it was on my worse dressed days that I would be sent out of the office to a meeting or attend a prize giving function to present a prize… hello photo opt. So I learnt the hard way that being well dressed is a very good habit to adopt.

This does not only apply to work. When dressing for work or play, casual or formal events always make an effort to coordinate your clothes and accessories as opposed to simply throwing together the first things you can find. Who wants to be looking like something the cat dragged in and find yourself suddenly being introduced to the most gorgeous guy? And don’t say if it was meant to be, then your attire would not matter. First impressions matters and you only get one change to make a first and what could be a lasting impression.

Here are 7 fashion tips on always being camera ready:

Plan your attire each week. You can select one trouser and 5 different tops and blouses. Or you can decide to be versatile and alternate between a dress, a skirt or trousers with interchanging top or blouses. When you plan what you are going to wear suddenly you dig out of your wardrobe clothes you have not worn in ages and you are able to match it up with something you never thought of wearing it with before. 

When putting together new outfits, try them on the night before to ensure that it works. Nothing is more disorienting than discovering that your planned outfit does not look as smashing as you thought. Other than delaying you, this simply panics you into grabbing the first thing you can put your hand on.

Find at least 4 different looks for the same top or trousers by wearing different fashion accessories, coats, jackets etc. When you can do this well, suddenly you find that -less is more- and that you do not need tonnes of clothes to dress well, just key quality pieces.

Invest in some statement jewellery which transforms simple clothing into glamorous looks. Handcrafted jewellery pieces are a must as they are usually unique jewellery pieces and sometimes one of a kind.

Head scarves and hair accessories are so important on those bad hair days. The trick is to have many headscarves so that you can find one that will compliment an outfit. Go for a mixture of plain coloured, multi coloured, patterned, striped, polkadots etc. 

Use the winter sales to stock up on tights. Not just your traditional grey and black but get some funky tights with some funky colours and patterns. This will give you more versatility in planning your wardrobe as you can now include skirts and dresses in your weekly ensemble.

Nourish your hair and skin on a daily basis to attain naturally better skin and hair. It is all well and good to use external products but nourishing our bodies from the inside results in less extensive outer body work. Supplements such as aloe vera gel and royal jelly tablets go a long way in improving skin elasticity and hair condition. When we are healthy from the inside it shows on the outside.

So be camera ready and take advantage of spontaneous, spur of the moment opportunities that come your way. Looking good makes you feel good.

Source by Arline James-Thomas

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