Are You Too Comfortable With Failing?

Motivational quotes are now a growing trend in the social media with no shortage of those involving success and failure. We all know that we can’t avoid failure in our venture to our goal. Somewhere and sometimes we are bound to fail.

But has failure been glorified to the extent that it has replaced success as the goal? Has social media turned failure into something worth looking forward to? Has failure become a cult-status that everyone is expecting failure rather than success?

I think there is a thin line between accepting failure as part of the journey and making failure compulsory. There is nothing worth gloating about failing. A failure is just where things go wrong, either through our lack of experience, over-confidence or our pure stubbornness by insisting on doing things our way.

Failure offers valuable lessons in the hope that we would not repeat the same mistake again. That’s what failure is all about. And we should move past the point of failure as soon as we can. Create a new plan with the hindsight of what to avoid in our next attempt.

Do not be too comfortable with failure. Do not let it be your comfort zone. Remember that success is our only end goal and failure is just some inconvenience along the way. Do not get both confused.

People tend to bounce between the extreme fear of failure and over-embracing failure. People need to be more objective about failure and not letting emotion to get in the way. We need to recover from failure and we need to do it fast.

“If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters”

It’s important you don’t get stuck at plan A forever. Never ever let failure be the excuse of not aiming for success. Sometimes, the feeling of failing can be detrimental in our recovery and our next attempt of trying. Understand our emotion and overcome it. The more you try, the better you get at mastering your fear.

Most of us made the mistake of setting out goal too low or barely just enough. Always aim high, as high as you can. Be impossible. Try to grab those that are out of reach. Aim to prove your critics wrong. Silence your doubters Why? Because by doing so, you condition your mind for success. And when you fail; learn and let go.

Remember. Don’t let failure be your new comfort zone.

Source by Kenny Lee

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