Arresting reporters at a protest is an affront to the First Modification : politics

When you suppose the nation modified in a single day, you have not been paying consideration.

I lived in Minneapolis for ten lengthy years earlier than lastly escaping. It’s a simmering shitpile of segregation and racism and has been for many years.

During the last 4 years, racism has flourished underneath the beady-eyed gaze of Donald Trump, and racists in positions of energy have grown increasingly assured.

George Floyd was slowly murdered in broad daylight, on video, in entrance of dozens of civilians, by a police officer. Whereas individuals screamed and begged for him to let Floyd up, his companions held the group again and allowed him to slowly crush the life out of “one other n*****”. And as a substitute of being arrested, this bag of human filth is being protected, not solely metaphorically, however actually – dozens of cops in full riot gear have been lined up round his home Wednesday evening.

On the identical time, in one other state, seven individuals have been shot in a protest over the killing of an harmless black girl in her house.

You did not get up to discover a totally different nation. You woke as much as the ignition of the powder keg that is been smoldering for years. Facism is not coming. It is right here.

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