Aupalla Activity Tracker, Health Watch Measure Oxygen Saturation SpO2 Heart Rate HRV Sleep Tracker Steps Calories Burned for iOS Android Smart Phone (Blue)

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Aupalla 21BO is designed to be worn comfortably on your wrist for monitoring oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Aupalla 21BO activity tracker provides powerful measurement functionalities, including Pulse Oximeter(Automatically measure SpO2 during sleep in night), Heart Rate(All Day),Sleep Recording and Pedometer, Activity Distance ,Calories Burned, After each measurement, the results are provided in a free mobile APP on your phone.


*Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) – Oxygen level in the blood to indicate changes due to heart or lung function, oxygen use by your body, or altitude.
*Pulse Rate (PR)  – Number of heart pulses per 10 minute to indicate overall fitness or exertion levels at any time.
*Heart Rate Variability (HRV) –Calculates your HRV for each night. Comfortable nighttime tracking means that the conditions for measurement remain the same. Consequently, you can easily compare your values, both in the short and the long term, and you don’t need to do anything else except wear Aupalla 21BO partner watch.
*Auto Sleep tracking:Automatically track how long and how well you sleep and set a silent vibrating alarm.Gain a better understanding of sleep quality with Aupalla 21BO activity tracker.
*Reminders to Move:Get Reminders to Move that encourage you to reach an hourly goal.
*Female health tracking:Log periods,track cycle and gauge
*Smartphone Notifications:
See call, text,facebook,twitter,gmail,email and other app notification,calendar alerts on display when your phone is nearby.

Device Compatibility
Aupalla 21BO activity tracker is compatible with Smart phones Android 4.4 or later with Bluetooth 4.0 and running iOS 8.0 or later (iPhone 4 or newer) not compatible with Windows phone,any tablets,PC, Laptop, iPad.

PULSE RATE (PR) -Track heart rate 24/7 continuously on your wrist.
HEART RATE VARIABILITY (HRV) – Aupalla 21BO Activity Tracker tracks your HRV during the night which makes it an especially useful tool for tracking your HRV.Good blood oxygenation is necessary to supply the energy your muscles need in order to function, which increases during a sports activity.
AUTO SLEEP TRACKING- AUPALLA 21BO Activity Tracker automatically tracks how long and how well you sleep to help you work toward a better routine.
ALL-DAY ACTIVITY TRACKING & CALL NOTIFICATION: Track steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and hourly activity. Support Stopwatch,Countdown on O2 Activity Tracker during sports. Get call notification.Vibration alerts for call ID and text notifications,Facebook,twitter,gmail and other social network app notification, movement reminders, and alarms

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