Bad News For Trump As Poll Shows Impeachment Helped House Democrats

A new Gallup Poll revealed that support for House incumbents is at its highest level since 2012, which means impeachment didn’t hurt Democrats.

The poll:

According to Gallup, “Democrats have a solid majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, and the elevated 59% of Americans saying their member of Congress deserves reelection augurs well for their bid to maintain their majority next year. This assumes, however, that the 59% holds for the remaining nine months before Election Day. If Americans still feel their member deserves another term at a similar level closer to November, this could mean a favorable environment for Democrats’ prospects of maintaining power in at least one chamber of Congress.”

Trump thinks that he is going to use impeachment to get his revenge on Nancy Pelosi for impeaching him, but the numbers suggest that if Trump tries to win back the House, he will be wasting his time.

The conventional wisdom among Trump supporters that impeachment would hurt the House Democratic majority is turning out to have been very wrong. Impeachment has made House Democrats more popular with voters back home in their districts.

While the nation is focused on House and Senate races, it looks Speaker Pelosi is going to guide House Democrats to a smooth majority victory in November.

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