Barr admits he has no proof to assist his voting by mail conspiracy about counterfeit ballots : politics

Trump stated it finest some weeks in the past when he stated that, had been mail-in voting to grow to be frequent throughout the nation, Republicans would most likely by no means win one other election. What he means is that, permitting each eligible voter to vote by way of mail-in ballots, would completely negate Republican efforts over the previous few a long time to marginalize minority voters, purge state voter databases and suppress voting by passing voter ID legal guidelines—solely to stop rampant “election fraud”. Situations of individuals casting a number of ballots are so uncommon as to, basically, be non-existent. Oddly, the biggest case of current election fraud was in 2018 in North Carolina’s ninth congressional district when Republican operatives stole absentee ballots and crammed them out to assist the Republican candidate.

The GOP voter pool is consistently shrinking and their capacity to govern poor white voters into voting towards their very own financial self-interest is exhibiting diminishing returns, so that they don’t have any different choices besides to embrace authoritarianism and fascism. They care about energy—NOT democracy—as can clearly be seen by congress’s blind and willful obedience to Trump.

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