Bearpaw Boots – Pick Yours Among the Popular Styles

Almost everyone interested in fashion has probably heard of Bearpaw and their trending new boots by now. But in case you haven’t, Bearpaw is a relatively new brand of shoes established in 2001 by the Romeo and Juliette Company. They feature the whole gamut of stylish and high-quality footwear made of sheepskin for superb quality and unmatched comfort, for women, men and kids.

Due to their great affordability, their comfort, durability, and a wide range of collections to suit almost anybody’s lifestyle and personality, the Bearpaw Boots have been gaining popularity more rapidly over the years than many of the other leading brands in boots out there.

As far as the collections are concerned, Bearpaw Boots come, in fact, in way many than I’d care to go into in one article! I will only profile a handful of the more popular ones here, and a more thorough exploration can continue on my blog. These collections include the Classic Collection, the Knits Collection and the Exotics Collection.

The Classic Collection

The Classics are really just that- they are classic, featuring Bearpaw’s most original, elegant styles and designs. Most of the boots in this collection are simplistic and plain in appearance, and many come in the classic colours for boots: black, chocolate, charcoal and brown.

Their interior is covered with soft sheepskin fur, and most have exteriors made of high-quality suede. The outsoles are made of durable rubber for long-lasting tread and secure footing.

Their styles make these the perfect boots for a casual, smart look with a stylish edge to it. Examples of the more popular names featured in this collection are the Bearpaw Emma, the Victorian, the Eva, and the Abigail.

The Knits Collection

The knits are truly one of my favourites in the Bearpaw Boots collections. As the name suggests, they feature a combination of classic styling and knit-textured and knitted shafts and uppers.

These come in gorgeous solid, metallic and multi-coloured colour patterns. If you’re someone who likes to mix colours a little in your wardrobe department, you’ll definitely have the most fun with many of the styles in this collection. Some of the popular names in this collection are the Bearpaw Constance and the Bearpaw Knit Tall.

The Exotics Collection

Feel like taking a walk on the wild side? These will take you there, with an exotic line-up of fur boots trimmed with Fox, Rabbit, Coyote, Goat and Curly Lamb. The Exotics are my absolute most favourite because they scream for attention like a really noisy, fluffy poodle dyed in pink.

They provide luxury and a fashionable look. Do go for these if you enjoy to dress up and find the attention fun. The most sought after boots in this category include the Bearpaw Boetis, the Kola and the Mukluk.

The Men’s and Kid’s Collections

All of the collections I’ve briefly profiled above feature boots for women, which are the bulk of the shoes produced by Bearpaw. However, this is by no means to say that Bearpaw manufactures only for women; they have very unique and stylish boots for men and kids as well.

The men’s boots are a little more rugged, made up of a variety of leathers including Tumbled Full Grain, Crazy Horse and Oily Pressed Suede. They are trimmed with buckle detail, stitched vamps, and sheet rubber mudguards and toe caps, and also come with the comfort features of a sheepskin lining and wool, to be uniquely masculine yet stylish. The most popular include the Bearpaw Dream, the Alta, the Stowe and the Mark.

The Bearpaw unique styles don’t end there; they extend to youths, toddlers and even infants! They come in wide varieties of styles and colours to choose from, that include basic classics, studded trimmed uppers and fun, printed suede exteriors, perfect for the age group range. Some of the most sought after are the Bearpaw Abigail Kids, the Emma Kids, the Emma Youth, the Dream Kids, the Stowe Boy and the Eskimo Kids.

I hope these brief descriptions shed some light on how you can go about selecting a style that best suits you or those you love. The best thing you can do is to never tire to sift through the multitude of collections until you find that style that best captures you. May you have fun with it!

Source by Ruth Wester

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