Bearpaw Sheepskin Boots – They Even Sound Warm and Cuddly

Are you looking for a pair of Bearpaw Sheepskin Boots? I bet you are and you won’t be the only one because these boots just sound so inviting don’t they?

Boots are not footwear that one normally associates with comfort, and although most will do the job of keeping your feet dry, by the end of the day you usually can’t wait to take them off and let your feet breathe and have some space again. Leather boots often fail to keep your feet warm because the cold permeates the leather too easily.

That is where Bearpaw sheepskin boots are so different. The lining is warm and cosy. And, because it is made of sheepskin it is also gentle on your feet, providing a soft and flexible base which stops your feet from hurting no matter how long you are on them during the day.

The sheepskin is an ideal natural boot liner which maintains the temperature of your feet and allows moisture to escape. This ensures that your feet are kept dry and sweat free at all times. In addition, the Thermo Plastic Rubber sole also works well to keep the cold on the outside of your boots.

Many people make a comparison between Ugg Boots and Bearpaw Boots and in truth there is very little difference apart from the price. On average Bearpaw Boots cost around 50-75% less on than Ugg Boots and most people can’t tell the difference between the two. For me that is a bit of a no brainer and in fact I have a sneaky suspicion that there are quite a number of people walking round in what they claim are Uggs when in fact they are Bearpaw.

Every understands about the benefits of the sheepskin inners, but don’t forget that the exterior of a Bearpaw Boot is made from very high quality suede. This is soft and breathable which adds to the whole feeling of comfort that is the Bearpaw trademark, but it is also extremely durable which means that your Boots will continue to look good for a long time.

One thing you will need to take into consideration is that these boots are not waterproof so when you purchase a pair it is also worth investing in a waterproofing spray which will ensure that your boots keep you dry as well as warm and comfortable.

Source by Tina Elliott

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