Benefits and Problems With Rockstar Energy Drinks – Caffeine Energy Drinks Teenagers Consume Daily

Energy drinks happen to be a 10 billion dollar industry in the USA, and are predicted to grow exponentially as time continues. The target market appears to be teenagers and university students, for whom Rockstar is marketed. Nonetheless, I observe consumers of all ages and sorts drinking these beverages wherever I look. This concentrated supply of caffeine and energy offers folks the boost they look for to get them through the day. But is Rockstar seriously serving them? Is this drink healthy?

Here I will discuss the main ingredients you should become familiar with in Rockstar:

– Artificial Caffeine Content: Rockstar has 160mg of man-made caffeine in each and every can. To put this in perspective, a can of soda pop only offers about 35mg of caffeine.

– Milk Thistle: The thought behind this ingredient is that it will possibly reduce the intensity of hangovers by way of permitting the liver to digest the alcohol sooner. It can be not known if this in fact works. Milk thistle also has a small antioxidant worth.

– High Sugar Content: There are actually 140 calories and 31 grams of sugar in a single can of Rockstar Energy Drinks!

– Ginseng and Ginkgo: Herbs to stimulate energy. Allergy symptoms and upset stomach are possible with these herbs, but they are safe for many consumers.

– Guarana: Usually in weight-loss pills, this South American herb promotes energy, but can cause major side effects if consumed in large amounts. Side effects can include nausea, headache, seizures, irregular heart rhythms, and anxiety. Do not take with aspirin because it can possibly boost the chance of bleeding.

– Rockstar Energy Drink Also Contains Numerous Synthetic Components.

Because of the high caffeine and sugar content, Rockstar is simply not safe to ingest big quantities of. In case you have any of these conditions- diabetes, heart disease, obesity, or hypertension, this drink is actually a exceptionally poor option for you. Overall, name-brand energy drinks including Rockstar are not a healthy way of obtaining energy.

These drinks, with their severe stimulates and high sugar doses, can offer you not only the “jitters” whenever you consume them, but they will also surely lead to a crash soon afterwards that leaves you feeling way more worn out then before. Moderating your caffeine in your diet is certainly essential so that you do not get addicted to these products. Parents: please limit the caffeine energy drinks teenagers consume… With today’s bans on Red Bull in Norway, Denmark, Uruguay and Iceland, we ought to be careful what we drink!

Source by Rachel Bonilla

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