Benefits – Pomegranate and Gooseberries

Pomegranate is a very useful medicine plant; all parts of this plant the fruit, bark, flower, and other parts are used for numerous medicinal purposes. The fruit is rich in Vitamin B and C and contains useful minerals and acids such as potassium, starch, and pantothenic acid. Regular consumption of pomegranate juice reduces the growth of cancerous cells, helps in healing chronic diarrhea and digestive tract problem. Pomegranate is known to be wonderful in healing hemorrhoid and reducing the levels of cholesterol. The seeds are used in formulation of medicine for treating joint inflammation. Applying the juice on the skin regularly helps in getting a glowing and toned skin. Excessive intake of this fruit can lead to abortion or abdominal pain in pregnant women. Side effects also include allergies and blemishes or body rashes.

Ripe gooseberries are not commonly available so unripe fruits are the ones which are often used in most recipes. These fruits have a high level of antioxidants and are very effective in boosting the body’s immune system, for cell repair and in renewing vitality. The fruits are rich in Vitamin B complex that is useful in increasing energy levels and Promoting healthier vision. Individuals with diabetes are suggested to consume this fruit in ripe or unripe form regularly. The fruit helps in stimulating the hormones that secrete insulin. The fruit has strong antifungal properties and is extensively used in formulating medicines. Having this fruit regularly with nuts and honey can prevent problems of digestive tract and promote healthy living. A frequent intake of Gooseberries helps in fighting infections and keeps you in good health.

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