Bernie Sanders rally draws thousands in Denver : politics

I just got back from this. What an incredible event. I had donated a bunch of money to Warren, and especially when she was higher in the polls, was really ready for her to be the nominee. However, in the interest of getting a progressive in the White House, I’ve definitely gone over to the Bernie camp.

Seeing him today really solidified it for me. He spoke with passion, spoke very clearly and as always, brought great ideas to the table. Especially compared to a couple of the warm-up speakers, it’s obvious how capable Bernie is of speaking at these large rallies. He is absolutely fired up, and he really got that crowd going. Shout out to DeVotchka for their unlisted appearance, I’ve always wanted to see them play. Also, shout out to Joe Salazar, he was one of the only warm-up speakers that really knew what he was doing, and as a big-time member of the Colorado Democratic party, I enjoyed seeing him turning out for Bernie.

Before tonight, I was going to wait and see how Warren did in Nevada. Now, I’m going to vote for Bernie and drop my ballot off tomorrow. I’m all in.

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