Bespoke Suits As Fashion Statements

Bespoke suits or custom made suits are the ultimate in men’s fashion. A suit made to suit your silhouette and physique would be one that is a perfect fit. When you think of bespoke clothes, you think of movie stars and world famous leaders, however, they are not really unaffordable if you are able to locate your own special tailor. Custom made suits are of three types. They could be bespoke made to your specifications. They could be made to measure where the choice of fabric and style is limited but still better than off the shelf or ready to wear suits where you have to choose what is available and the shop alters it to suit your frame. This is extremely affordable as compared to the other two.

More on Suits

The word suit comes from the French suite which means following or the Latin sequor meaning I follow. This is because all the components of the suit are made of the same fabric and color and literally follow one another. The cut is what differentiates a bespoke suit from an off the shelf one. A well cut suit will drape the men who wear it without wrinkles from tension or bad fit. A bespoke tailor hand stitches the suit to give it that perfect shape. Tailored suits could be double breasted or single breasted.

Tailored Versus Off the Rack Suits

A tailored suit is distinguished by minimal shoulders and tapered sides. They are made from a pattern that is a perfect fit for your body size. Once the pattern is ready, you can order again using different fabrics or designs. Off the rack shirts are more affordable and if you possess a standard body shape, you could be lucky enough to find out that fits you fairly well. However if you are used to wearing shirts and suits that are made to your specifications, fit you perfectly, and is made of the fabric you desire, it is sometimes difficult to compromise with a ready to wear suit however good it is.

Popular Suit Fabrics and Styles

Suits are made of different types of fabrics but mainly of wool. There are two main yarns namely worsted and woolens. Out of these depending on the weight and feel are made fabrics like tweed, flannel, fresco, and gabardine. The finest material have the S or Super S number indicating the threads per inch, however, the finest and most delicate fabrics are likely to be less lasting. Suits are also made of silk and linen to suit warmer climates. The usual colors used in suits are dark gray, light gray, black, and navy, they could be plain colors or with patterns. Brown suits and olive suits are also being increasingly used. In summer, tan and cream colored suits are also used. The floating canvas in a bespoke suit differentiates it from the fused canvas in off the rack suits. Single breasted suits have two to three buttons whereas double breasted suits have typically six buttons. The jacket lapels can be peaked or pointed, shawl, notched or stepped, or trick or Mandarin style.

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