Best Beaches of Central America: Hidden Paradise

Central America is blessed by having quality beaches on two different coasts and with both coasts easily accessible in a relatively short period of time. While most may be more familiar with beaches in and around Mexico there are amazing beaches in countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua to name but a few. The beaches you can find in this area come in various colors of sand, to rocky beaches, hidden paradises and the more populated tourist Mecca.

The beaches on the Caribbean coast are well known for having a wide range of aquatic life that can easily be explored through official scuba diving tours and the price of these tours is generally much lower than you would expect to pay in places such as Florida. These lower prices can also be applied to for accommodation with the most popular beach resorts in Central America still being relatively cheap compared to other parts of the world.

As long as you know where to look and do your homework prior to going then you can find some hidden gems. You shall not find beaches with waiters in designer clothing offering you exotic cocktails but instead you can find yourself on an almost completely deserted beach drinking straight from a coconut adding to the more rustic feel. More advanced beach resorts do offer you more tourist types of activities but even here there is not the same cramped feeling as exists elsewhere.

Some of the best beaches are quite remote and can only be accessed by hiking or by hiring a four wheel drive vehicle. This makes them ideal for those who prefer the more adventurous type of holiday and do not mind working a little to get an amazing reward at the end.

On the Caribbean coast there is more of a lack of roads and it is also an area containing a number of nature reserves so there is very little in the way of development and certainly not to the scale of the more commercial areas in parts of Mexico for example. But this only adds to the overall feel of tranquility and getting away from it all.

Some of the names you should look out for as the best beaches in Central America include a beach on an island off the north of Panama called Bastimentos or on islands called San Blas further south. Being islands you can appreciate the beaches there being even more like the desert island and the peace and quiet that they can bring you.

If you move to Honduras then again the best beaches in the area can be found on an island with the best at Bay Islands. It is easy to imagine relaxing on the beach and even just camping off the beach so you can manage to have a peaceful break for really not a lot of money.

There are also beaches in Costa Rica which have been compared to world famous areas such as Cancun or Copacabana and they are well worth exploring. With so many options available to you for beaches in Central America you are therefore best to plan ahead and be prepared to go off the normal tourist routes. Your reward shall be a vacation that you shall always remember.

Source by Matthew Kepnes

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