Bid Farewell to Bloating and Fatigue From Your Body

What causes bloating actually? Is it the food or the type of our body or some other disease? Is your body unable to cope with the bloating fatigue? Find out what is this bloating, belching and fatigue is all about.

Accumulation of intestinal gas or fluids in the abdomen leads to bloating. If the bloating is the result of liquids filling the abdomen, then, that condition is known as Ascites.

Often, bloating is also accompanied by cramps and fatigue which makes it unbearable for the individual experiencing it. Bloating is a common problem experienced by all of us at some point of our lives; when we had the bean curry or undergoing menstruation or when we had gobbled our food in a hurry.

There can be many reasons why a person's tummy or abdomen is bloating! Find out the reason behind bloating first and subsequently you will know how to get rid of it. The food we eat, air we inhale contains lots of toxic material that gets dumped into our colon as it enters the stomach. If this toxic waste lies in your colon for long and went unchecked then it starts giving out gas, makes your abdomen swollen and bloated. If this bloating is caused by some bacteria or infection then there is all possibility that the gas might have a rancid smell causing great discomfort and embarrassment to you. Due to pre-menstrual syndrome some women tend to experience bloating. But, most of the women experience bloating during their pregnancy. If your abdomen is bloated due to a bad colon, then, you can opt for a colon cleansing program which will restore back your colon within few sittings. If it is the infection that is causing the bloating and you also experience cramps and pelvic pain then you should seek appropriate medical help.

Various causes that can be responsible for making an individual feel the bloating and fatigue are constipation, neurotic abdominal bloating, ovarian cysts, visceral flat, aerophagia, irritable bowel syndrome, fast emptying of gastric etc. Some serious medical conditions in people can also lead to bloating and fatigue – colon dilation, abdominal tumors, cancer of stomach, infection due to some parasite, Chagas disease etc. The moment you have experienced bloating, take some precautionary measures like -Foods with high insoluble fiber should be eliminated from your diet. Lessen the intake of dairy products. Abstain from alcohol and all kinds of stimulants like coffee and tea. Try not to take red meat or fatty foods in large quantity.

If there is a bowel movement in the affected individual or if he is able to eject out some gas there will be considerable relief in his condition. If it is just the natural gas that is ailing you, then you can take a pill of Gas X or drink some carbonated water for instant relief. Drinking good amount of water will help in a comfortable bowel movement. Water when drank in large quantities cleanses your body of its toxins. Some suggest that, when you are having a serious bloating problem fasting will also give you some relief.

People with bloating complaint occasionally wake up with a swollen abdomen and extreme fatigue. Bloating coupled with fatigue badly affects our daily routine. Do not let the bloating and fatigue let you down combat it now!

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