Biden Hits Trump Where It Hurts By Tweeting The Latest Fox News Poll Directly To Him

Donald Trump appeared to tweet out completely invented poll numbers on Monday, and former Vice President Joe Biden was quick to pour a cold dose of reality on the president’s delusions.

In his Twitter post, Trump wrongly cited the latest Fox News poll, claiming it showed his approval rating among GOP voters at 95 percent and his overall approval rating at 51 percent.

Neither of those figures is true, as the poll shows, but Biden tweeted one finding in the Fox News survey that is real: Trump is losing to the former vice president by seven percentage points.

“This same poll has you losing to me by 7 points,” Biden tweeted to Trump on Monday.

Trump’s numbers are in the tank, so he has to make up good ones

Donald Trump is the least popular president in modern American history, so it’s no surprise that he feels the need to regularly invent good poll numbers in order to boost his own confidence.

The Fox News poll, in particular, was devastating for the president. In fact, some of the network’s most Trump-friendly talking heads couldn’t believe how bad it was for the White House.

Not only did it show Biden with a solid edge over the president, but it showed 54 percent of Americans support impeachment and most of the country believes Democrats have run a fair process to this point.

At the end of the day, Trump can and will share completely made up and/or meaningless poll numbers about his approval rating among the shrinking percentage of the population that calls itself Republican.

But the only thing that will matter come 2020 is the margin between Donald Trump and his potential Democratic opponent, which could very likely be Joe Biden. On that score, the president has nothing to celebrate.

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