Bodylastic Bands Review – 3 Critical Tips Know Before You Buy

Are you looking for a unbiased Bodylastics bands review?

Let’s face it if you’re looking into purchasing resistance bands or exercise bands you might be a bit skeptical. In the first place, you may be wondering if you can get the same type of work out with resistance bands as you would get with free weights or dumbbells. The fact of the matter is that your body does not know the difference between free weights or exercise bands resistance. The resistance that you get from fitness tubing has been termed “dynamic resistance.” With this means is that the resistance increases throughout the movement.

This is completely different from free weights where the resistance is only until you get to the point where you can lock out. At that point, the tension is off the muscle and you are not receiving any muscle building benefits. With resistance bands, the tension is throughout the entire movement, even at the point of lockout the bands are pulling you back and causing the muscle to fight the resistance.

Nevertheless let’s get into the Bodylastics bands review and discuss what I consider to be three the most critical components that you need to keep in mind when you are thinking about buying any piece of exercise equipment.

The first component we will discuss is the warranty. The Bodylastic home gym comes with a lifetime defects warrant. Essentially what this means is that should you ever have any problems with the bands itself they will replace them for small shipping and handling charge. Very few other manufacturers that I can think of offer anything close to this.

In my opinion, this should be number one on your list of the most critical components. Why you might ask? Because after time power rods like Bowflex and resistance bands will experience wear and tear. This means they will lose their tensile strength and will not be able to provide you with the workout that you want and need. That’s why companies like Bowflex and Bodylastics warranty this part of their product for the life of the purchaser.

The second thing that you should look at is what else comes with your purchase. Do they offer some type of online training, something to follow for proper exercise or maybe an e-book? The Bodylastic basic tension system comes with a free year of online video training, and an exercise guide (which is really more like a book) that provides you with a beginner, intermediate and advanced training program. They even include a circuit-training program in the Bodylastic manual. Many fitness professionals have stated that this is one of the most comprehensive and thorough training programs for resistance bands on the market today. And that includes the P90X workout program.

The third and final component is the cost. Most gym memberships nowadays cost at least $200 a year, and sometimes you don’t even get your $200 worth because you can’t go all the time. Most home gym will run you about $500-$2000, but they don’t include anywhere near what this system includes.

In this Bodylastics bands review, I have shared with you some information about their training program and about the quality of their product. However, no matter how good the exercise product is it won’t do you any good if it just sits in the corner collecting dust. You must make a commitment to yourself that you will follow your bodybuilding workout program even nowadays when you don’t feel like exercising.

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