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This autumn (fall) or winter, why not try a bodystocking if you haven’t already done so? As summer comes to an end and the days shorten, it is time to start thinking about wearing clothes to keep warmer in the ensuing months. In my case, short, lightweight skirts are replaced by longer, heavier skirts in materials such as twill cotton and denim, and my flimsy short-sleeved tops are replaced by blouses and long sleeved tops. However, this is the time of the year where bodystockings can come into their own. Sure, enough girls also wear them during the summer because they are an erotic piece of lingerie and can be fun to wear, but come winter, their snug fit not only keeps you warm, but enables you to have more choice on what tops, dresses and skirts to wear. There are many erotic styles of bodystocking, but there are also a large number of practical styles that are inexpensive and do a perfect job of covering the body in the same way as a pair of tights covers the legs.

If you’ve never worn a bodystocking before, you are probably unaware of the variety that is available. When visiting mainstream lingerie sites, bodystockings rarely feature on the home page, and, are often entirely missing from sites. When they do appear on sub-level pages on lingerie sites, there is usually only a small selection available. This is mainly because they are deemed a luxury item when it comes to lingerie, as tights, stockings, bras, pants and the like, form the main revenue streams for lingerie stores. However, look hard enough and you will find some attractive selections of bodystocking. So what types of bodystocking should you be looking for, and what is generally available?

Without doubt, sheer and opaque bodystockings are the most popular. Lingerie sites that provide a small bodystocking offering will invariably display bodystockings of these two types. Sheer is a semi-transparent material that is usually a very thin knit and so is of a fairly low denier. On the other hand, opaque is usually of a higher denier and, by definition, is impenetrable by light. Out of the two, opaque will generally keep you warmer, whereas sheer, being finer, is more sensitive to the clothes worn over it. Both of these types of bodystocking are predominantly sold in black and beige or nude, although black is a very popular colour for opaque bodystockings. Another difference is that there tends to be more variety of sheer styles than there are for opaque, which tends to be plain and practical. They do come in many other colours, with white and red probably being the next most popular after nude (beige) and black.

However, the choice in styles does not stop at sheer and opaque. Another popular style is fishnet. Fishnet is a material with an open, diamond shaped knit, and is seen frequently in tights and stockings. There are also variations on fishnet. These variations tend to be based on the size of the diamonds. Fencenet, for example, contains much larger diamonds than fishnet. There is also a style called ‘industrial net’ which is very similar to fishnet, but usually has slightly larger diamonds, although not as large as fencenet. Crochet bodystockings are another style similar to fishnet in that they contain holes, but the patterns are more intricate than the simple diamond shape used for fishnet.

Of a more interesting design, are spiderweb bodystockings. These come in many variations, all based on spiderweb patterns. There are some very attractive spiderweb bodystockings available if you’re prepared to search them out.

Another popular style of bodystocking that does not feature on mainstream lingerie sites as much as sheer and opaque bodystockings is lace. Lace bodystockings come in many more variations than any other style. Floral lace, butterfly lace, ruffle tops, bows, swirl lace and Spanish lace are just a few examples of what can be found in lace bodystockings. That said, these types of bodystocking are probably more suited to evening wear than casual daytime wear.

There are also a number of different fitting alternatives for all the aforementioned bodystocking styles. The most prevalent, is simply, strapped. However, there are other fittings available. Among these are open neck, halterneck, shoulderless, and turtleneck, the latter being a popular, and aften sought for style.

The one other variation that people should be aware of is lycra. Lycra is actually a company trademark, but is now so well known, people associate it with materials containing elasticity. The majority of bodystockings are 100% nylon. However, a small percentage of bodystockings contain elastane. This is sometimes described as spandex which is the US variant of elastane. Bodystockings containing elastane (often referred to as lycra) are more stretchy and giving than ones that are 100% nylon. This can be quite important to people when looking for bodystockings.

So, there is much more variety in bodystocking styles and fittings than many people imagine. Although it’s probably fair to class bodystockings in the ‘Adult Erotic’ category, they also are a very practical item of lingerie to wear.

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