Book Review: Leader Shift – The 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace

This article reviews Leader Shift by John C. Maxwell – what I consider to be the pinnacle to 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and 5 Levels of Leadership. If you’re serious about developing as a leader, this book demands reading. Below are several benefits you gain.

What You Gain

  • A compass

There’s nothing like having an anchor when things are constantly changing at the speed of light. An over abundance of information compounds the matter. You end up overwhelmed and sometimes confused by the message. Leader Shift, however, steers your thinking and behavior. You discover what changes are crucial for longterm success. It will serve as a great reference.

Maxwell presents a clear discussion of the 11 necessary shifts with examples, quotes, and recommendations. One, for example, relates to thinking in terms of a calling instead of a career.

  • Motivation

After reading almost every chapter, I stopped to reflect. While in some respects I’m on target, in others I’m motivated to make the necessary changes. You’ll be inspired to do the same.

  • Criteria for transformational leaders

Like a great teacher, a great leader transforms people. Once they touch something or someone it’s never the same. As a result of reading the book, you discover what distinguishes transformational leaders from trained leaders. In contrast, the latter ask people to follow, while the former ask people to make a difference. You have a frame of reference to stay focused.

  • Advice on how to have tough conversations

At some point you will need to have the tough conversation. I recently ventured into this territory with a client. The leader of this organization brought me in to assess the needs and concerns of the middle managers. Many of the issues related to leadership. Because I was in the middle of reading this book, I used the outline presented by the author to discuss the feedback. I think you will benefit from having the outline handy also.

  • How to assess situations

Besides having tough conversations, you’ll need to evaluate various situations at pivotal points. The author recommended three good questions: What’s best for the organization? What’s best for other people within the organization? What’s best for me?

  • Resources for ongoing support

Maxwell never leaves the reader hanging. In any event, you have access to resources mentioned at the end of the book. Take advantage of the John Maxwell Blog or the free digital download: Thinking like a leader: The Top 10 Truths about Leading.

Source by Stephanie Harbin

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