Boots, Women, and Appreciation: A Commentary on Women’s Perception on Fashion

Women and fashion are two concepts that are always related to each other. In general, it is easily conceived that fashion is especially targeted to the female audience. Majority of the fashion magazines that are sold in bookstores even have the female gender as its cover. Most runway models that are seen on television are women. Even the reality show America’s Next Top Model series are composed of only women models, disregarding the fact that there could also be male top models. Because of the obvious preference of women in fashion, it is important to look at their perception on fashion and how it makes their lives different. This article will use the example of boots as a fashion item to point out the effects of fashion to women.

Boots, most especially the high-heeled ones, are good examples of women’s need for appreciation. Why do they tend to wear those boots with tall heels? This question alone will give us a good idea on the status of women’s perception on fashion. These high-heeled boots possess the ability to project another image than what is in reality. The high heels found in these boots (or any other kind of footwear for that matter) help in making the woman seem taller, concealing their real height. They also help in projecting your legs to become slender. But all those aforementioned come with a price, the pain of using these high-heeled boots. Wearing this kind of boots tends to cause soreness and blisters on the feet, giving the wearer an uncomfortable time. So now it brings us to the question, why do they still wear these boots even though they hurt them? Why can’t they just wear boots with low heels, from which they can still showcase their fashion sense and not be uncomfortable at the same time?

Women (or most people) are generally looking for that assurance that they will be appreciated. They need to be assured that they are accepted by the society. This is why they wear those fancy outfits/high-heeled boots. They cloak their insecurities in a way that they will not be seen as weak. They use fashion as a kind of security blanket to guarantee that people will like them. These boots actually become their “emergency exit” to escape the judgmental environment that they live in. They project themselves as taller than reality because they refuse to face the fact that they do not like what they are seeing when they look at a mirror. This is why they still keep on wearing these boots even though it pains them. They choose pain rather than be ridiculed by the judgmental society they live in. This is a sad realization, and we could only wish that we would live to see a future where people would not need to pain themselves in order to become accepted by the society.

Source by Ivan Anyayahan

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