Bratz Rock Angels

Bratz Rock Angels is a collaborative project in which various artists united to produce an album that had the Bratz dolls as its central theme. This project has ever since won great acclaim in the world of vogue and fashion and now you too can have a slice of the pie!

Various artists represent the five main characters of the game, Roxxi, Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade. The idea is to represent the five as a rock band. Apart from the CD the set contained five dolls representing the five characters being portrayed. Each set consisted of a doll, a studio recording set up, a microphone, an elevated stage and fashion couture in colors of white, black and red. A motion picture DVD with the same title also exists.

Singers featured in the album included artists such as Kerima Holm, Janet Leon and Anna Nordell; all with young and refreshing voices to woo audiences spanning over a large age group. The music album was well appreciated around the globe. It reached the number 79th position in the official Billboard 200 countdown in the main album chart, which shows that even a kiddy extravagance can make a serious impact on the world of music.

At the Top Kid Audio listings the album climbed the zenith and stayed at the number 1 spot for months. This listing records the top selling children's albums and thus it effectively portrayed the wide ranging popularity of the Bratz dolls among children and young teens.

From the time of its release the album has managed to notch up record sales with around 500,000 copies reportedly sold worldwide. Over 2000,000 copies were sold in the US alone.

The game has received favorable reviews from most gaming magazines around the world; though some have been critical of the lack of depth of most of the challenges presented to the player in the game.

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Source by Dixita Dutt

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