Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling And Parting the Gender Curtain – A Quiz for Success-Minded Women

Corporate America's infamous glass ceiling is REAL. So what should all women in business know as they survey and strategically crash through that glass barrier toward the positions and salaries they deserve? Why does the centuries-strong Gender Curtain that still awaits become tougher to part the higher you go?

Whether you're a woman vying for an executive promotion, a CEO position, a board seat or the Oval Office itself, you'll want to discover how the glass ceiling and the gender curtain – along with your appearance, your mindset and even words you use – could be affecting your career success. Take this mini quiz!

*** Where Do You Stand on The Ladder to Success? ***

1. How would you respond if you disagree with a decision your boss makes?

a. Yes sir! I always agree with The Boss.

b. Understood, but please evaluate these points and reconsider your decision.

c. Hell with you! I disagree!

d. It's best to never question a decision by the boss, even if I don't agree.

2. Your choice: new title / position with your current company, 10% pay increase, same boss, no real change in authority … OR new job elsewhere, 5% pay increase, new title, lots of input on developing a new program.

a. Take the 10% raise. It's about the money!

b. Take the promotion because you might make a difference later.

c. Take the new job. Advance!

d. Discuss the promotion with your boss, explaining the need to gain real authority with any promotion.

3. Who's really in control?

a. I AM! I always evaluate how I can make my points, the same way a man would, so the CEO can accept my advice without feeling like he's "listening to Mommy!"

b. That MALE PEER! He's always getting away with making mistakes.

c. MY BOSS! He never listens, so I stopped talking, stopped participating I'm hurt because he won't take me seriously.

4. What to wear?

a. The Latest Fashion, short sassy skirts, hug-the-hips, fitted t-shirts, short jackets.

b. Fashion Plus Professional. Business clothes, fitted skirts and pantsuits, worn with nice button-down shirt buttoned to hide cleavage.

c. Comfort. Oversize skirt, big, bulky sweater, natural fabrics. I'm against corporate judgments.

d. Whatever's in the closet. People should appreciate my mind, not my clothes.

5. You're a seasoned speaker and know your topic. What are the most important things to remember before you make the big presentation to a large group of your peers and senior members of your industry?

a. Solidly know your material, but have notes, even if you think you can wing it.

b. Test your speaking and presenting equipment before the speech. No microphone or projector failures allowed!

c. Speak clearly and loudly to be heard. Speaking softly will bore the audience.

d. All of the above. A good presenter is always prepared.


Question 1 (a 3; b 10; c 2, d 5)

Question 2 (a 2; b 3; c 10, d 5)

Question 3 (a 10; b 2, c 3)

Question 4 (a 0, b 10, c 2, d 5)

Question 5 (a 5; b 5; c 5, d 10)

37-50 total – Wow! Glass is breaking all around you! You're ready to go all-the-way.

23-36 – There's room to improve. Continue to work on your interpersonal skills and self-confidence.

8-22 – Corporate America may not be your passion. You might consider taking your creative side in another direction.

Source by D. Dutton

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