Brooches and Shawl Pins – Powerful Fashion Accessories!

Brooches and shawl pins! The extensive use of the fashion industry of pashmina shawls, scarves, and sweaters, among others underscore the continuing preeminence of this unique fashion accessory the world over. Yet, the elegance and sophistication of such fashionable garments will be for naught if not for shawl pins and brooches – accessories that complement the natural beauty and elegance of shawls.

Shawls are garments that are traditionally worn over one’s shoulder. These pieces of garments have been largely reminiscent of old Persian and Indian traditions where its primary purpose was to protect the human body against the bitter cold. These garments were never really taken for their aesthetic value but more for what they can provide in utilitarian fashion.

With the high quality of these hand spun and hand woven garments, they eventually found their way to complement certain costumes as well as tools in some symbolic rituals. Only with their spread to Western cultures, with the opening of the Silk Road did the preeminence of the pashmina shawl as a fashion accessory gained a significant following. Since then, the pashmina shawl has never looked back.

The trick in the use of pashmina shawls is in how to keep it from falling off one’s shoulders. There are a variety of methods to keep it in place but it would seem none can compare to the value afforded by shawl pins and other similar accessories. These pins are ornaments in themselves while providing that desired effect of keeping the shawl in its place.

One very common method of keeping a shawl in place is by converting the shawl into a poncho by sewing the two ends together. The problem here is that the resulting hole may be a little too wide to keep the whole shawl from slipping. This specially occurs if the shawl is extraordinarily long.

Other methods include the use of binder pins and even a pencil with the latter method rather easy to use – just wrap the shawl around your shoulder and weave through the resulting layers a pencil. Although it can secure the shawl most of the time, it is not at all fashionable to see a pencil sticking on a garment.

For best effects, both in offering functionality and form, shawl pins and brooches are simply incomparable. These accessories come in different designs, shapes, colors, as well as materials used for finishing. These are all important to make the shawl pin look more like an accessory and not just an obscure object in someone’s attire.

Shawl pins made of pearls offer a great complement to the natural essence of pashmina shawls. These pins are especially relevant to beautiful pashmina shawls. Not only do these pins offer great functionality they also lend an overall sense of elegance to your whole wardrobe.

There are also pins for shawls that are made of other materials with some integrating a host of other elements in the design. There are pins that resemble an earring with a mother of pearl and there are pins that made from metal and steel. No matter what the make of these pins, they are essentially useful in securing the pashmina shawl on one’s shoulder.

For a more elegant effect, shawl brooches can be used especially in social and other formal gatherings. Evening dresses and other formal wear can even look more sophisticated, more elegant and lovelier if the pashmina shawl has been secured with a shawl brooch. Some career women also would prefer a shawl brooch over a pin because of the flair for sophistication it affords the wearer.

There are many resources on the Web regarding shawl pins and brooches including the different designs appropriate for your shawl. It is thus important you spend some time to search through these resources to bring out the best in your modern day shawl.

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