Brooks Diabetic Shoes

Brooks is a trusted brand perhaps most known for its line of athletic shoes but popular among people looking for diabetic and orthopedic shoes as well. One of the many features that helps Brooks stand out is their decision to offer a wide variety of different shoe widths. Many diabetics with particularly narrow or wide feet consider Brooks shoes a godsend.

Brooks was founded in 1914 as a company dedicated to making ice skates and sports shoes with cleats. The company did not become remarkably successful until the 1970s when jogging took off as a national pastime. Once rivals with Nike, Brooks lost steam in the 1980s until new owners revamped the company in the 1990s. Helen Rockey, a graduate of University of Washington and former executive at Nike, took over as president of Brooks. Rockey decided to focus the company’s energy on an older demographic – running shoes for joggers between the ages of 35 and 60 – and the company once again started to pick up steam. Rockey was the first woman to run a major athletic shoe company in the United States.

Brooks offers a wide range of athletic shoes that are great for diabetics or for other people who need a high quality shoe with excellent orthopedic support. Take the Brooks Addiction Walker 2 for Men, for example. This shoe is an excellent shock absorber with a cushioning system that Brooks dubs as Hydroflow® and an outer sole fashioned from high-density carbon rubber. The upper is made from soft, breathable leather with a seamless interior that won’t trap moisture or irritate your feet.

The shoe is structured with a wedge heel that promotes stability and will be particularly helpful to people who tend to over-pronate when they walk or jog. The shoe is also designed to help redistribute pressure points – a feature that helps to reduce blisters, hotspots, calluses, corns or other foot injuries from forming. The Brooks Addiction Walker 2 can come with laces or Velcro (generally speaking, Velcro is a better alternative for diabetics as it allows you to adjust the size of the shoe often and easily).

There is also a female version of the shoe (the Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap for Women). And the shoe comes – as mentioned above – in several different widths. Customers can choose between Regular, Wide D, Narrow 2A and Wide 2E. Brooks shoes also come in half-sizes, which makes them a particularly good choice for people who are in-between sizes, have mismatched feet, or are recovering from a foot injury.

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