Bruce Lee Training and Workouts – Isometrics and Free Weights

Most people are under the misconception that the Bruce Lee training and workouts consisted of only free weights.

In reality, Bruce believed in using different techniques and apparatus to chisel his body into a hard, ripped and muscular physique. The Bruce Lee body was years ahead of it’s time. Remember, back in the 70s Hollywood movie stars were not in great physical shape even if their roles demanded it. That is no longer true today.

This is another area that Bruce Lee can be credited with.

The first Bruce Lee training and workout program was structured by a friend of his who was a bodybuilder. The exercise routine consisted of lifting heavy weights and using compound movements. Exercises like the bench press, clean and jerk, squats etc.

However, Lee did not like the type of muscle size and strength that these type of workouts created. He preferred what he called “Functional Strength.”

The bodybuilders workout routine left him too “bulky.” (In reality, the first type of workout that Bruce Lee used were isometric exercises or static contraction exercises.)

He also used an “Isometrics Power Rack” and a isometric exerciser called the — Tensolator.

He found that the Tensolator was excellent for building his trapping strength and his 1 inch punch. After an injury using free weights — Bruce continued to incorporate isometrics, bodyweight exercises, electrical muscle stimulators and a variety of different exercise equipment in his workout routine.

Bruce was quoted as saying that isometrics was great for building both tendon and muscular strength. Which as a martial artist suited him well. If you want to build muscle size then the best workout routine would include isotonic and isometric training.

That is where the Tensolator have a big advantage over many other exercise devices. It could be used with isometrics or isotonic training. Today, the old Tensolator has been completely redesigned for the 21st century.

Thirty something years later the training concepts in the Bruce Lee training and workouts — are still in use today.

Source by Frank Sherrill

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