Buying Weight Training Equipment With a Limited Budget

The bills for some of today’s top weight training equipment can add up quickly. Especially in today’s economically tough times, people are looking to save a buck wherever they can. The following is a list of ways to buy weight training equipment on a budget, so that you can get in shape, stay fit, and not go into debt while doing so.

For those of you who have recently had to cut loose from your all-important gym memberships, this article may be more timely than ever. The fact is that there are many ways to get your workout in for a minimal payment.

The cheapest way to go is probably to buy some dumbbells, or free weights. No, this is not very fancy but how do you think people bulked up in the era before all this fancy gym equipment? That’s right: they lifted weights, no strings attached. Dumbbells basically sell at rock bottom prices. Of course, you can always find some manufacturer who is making the “luxury” weights, but in my experience this is rather unnecessary. All one really needs is some weights and some discipline. If you’ve got those two things alone then you can probably build up a nice, muscular body.

For those to whom this is just not enough, they may want to take a look at making a longer term investment. The single best piece of weight training equipment out there is the modern home gym. These all in one workout stations are in some ways more appealing to use than simple free weights. If you have the space in your home, and a bit of money to invest on an initial basis, then a home gym is the way to go.

Of course, another alternative to dumbbells is to use resistance bands. These are becoming more and more popular. Another benefit of resistance bands is that they give a more fluid workout. One can stretch their muscles right to their peak, unlike with standard weights. In other words, these are a “one size fits all” solution. And they are cheap, to boot! They are great for anyone on a very limited budget, or for someone who just wants to dip their toes into strength training.

As you can see, there is no real substitute for a home gym. Lesser forms of weight training equipment are certainly valid, but they come up a bit limited when compared to the full-on in house gym set. So what is most recommended is to look around for a home gym on sale. This should not be too hard of a search, seeing as all retailers have been lowering their prices and offering sales of late. Just like every other business, workout equipment manufacturers need to move their inventory out so they can pay their own bills. Therefore, I’d suggest either buying a model that is a few years old already or even possibly look into buying a used gym from one of your sources. This plan will get you up and going no matter what your budget.

Source by Edward Beverley

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