Calls mount for investigation of possible surveillance on Marie Yovanovitch : politics

From November:

Mr Trump told Fox News’ morning show former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch “didn’t want to hang my picture in the embassy” in Kyiv.

The president did not offer further details about the matter.

Ms Yovanovitch testified last week that she was fired over “false claims” by people with “questionable motives”.

She was one of 12 witnesses to testify over the last fortnight in the impeachment inquiry, which may seek to remove the president from office for alleged corruption.

What did Trump say on Fox?

In a phone call to Fox and Friends on Friday morning, Mr Trump defended the removal of Ms Yovanovitch.

“This ambassador, who everybody says was so wonderful,” Mr Trump said, “she wouldn’t hang my picture in the embassy.

“She’s in charge of the embassy, it took, like, a year and a half, two years.”

Mr Trump added: “She said bad things about me, she wouldn’t defend me, and I have the right to change the ambassador.

“The standard is you put the president of the United States’ picture in the embassy,” he continued. “This was not an angel, this woman, OK?”

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