Can You Melt Belly Fat By Drinking Blueberry Juice?

There was a woman’s magazine at the grocery checkout stand which featured “The juice that Melts Belly fat!” The article talks of drinking two glasses a day–to lose 9 lbs and 3″ in a week! It is blueberry juice.

There are two universities that experimented with blueberry juice on rats. The first researcher is Pierre S. Haddad, Ph.D. He did his research on rats at the University of Montreal. Allegedly he was using an enriched blueberry juice.

He was contacted via email. Pierre Haddad wrote “Please note however that our study found no benefit of regular blueberry juice on weight loss in obese mice. It is biotransformed juice (fermented with a special patented process with a specific bacteria) that we published impressive results on.”

An experiment was tried by University of Michigan’s E. Mitchell Seymour, Ph.D. He allegedly fed fat mice blueberry-packed diet. He was quoted “Blueberry was altering abdominal fat!” He also said, “There have also been signs that blueberry COMPOUNDS may even turn off our fat genes.”

An email to E. Mitchell Seymour, Ph.D. was sent asking if he had fermented the blueberry juice/diet with special patented process with specific bacteria. He did not reply

The article also recommended drinking the juice with a meal. There are recommended antioxidant-packed meals to go along with the diet.

In Florida various grocery and health food stores were visited to find pure blueberry juice. The health food stores did not have blueberry juice nor blueberry supplements. They had a product that has blueberry as part of a weight loss product. The grocery stores have blueberry juice by Ocean Spray and other companies. Read the labels so you know what you are getting. Ocean Spray Diet Made with Real Fruit Juice 5 calories per serving Blueberry label states as follows: Filtered water, Blueberry Juice from Concentrate, Grape Juice from Concentrate, Carrot Juice from Concentrate, Natural Flavors and so on. Contains 4% Fruit Juice. Ocean Spray wrote how much of each juice in Diet Blueberry Juice won’t be disclosed because it is proprietary. Organic blueberry juice was in the grocery stores. It cost $7.99 and was only 32 oz. The Ocean Spray was 64 ounces and a lot cheaper.

People should drink half their body weight in ounces of water. If you are 150 pounds you should drink 75 ounces of water daily. That would be a half of a gallon which is 64 ounces plus another 11 ounces. If you are 256 pounds you should drink a gallon or 128 ounces of water per day. If you dislike the taste of water you could try drinking alkaline antioxidant ionized water. This water has a wonderful smooth taste.

Supposedly drinking 16 oz. of cold water 30 minutes before a meal will help you lose weight. The water will help you feel fuller. It will also prolong your feeling of fullness after a meal. Cold water allegedly speeds up your metabolism. The refrigerator cold water makes you body work to warm up the water to body temperature. This burns calories and speeds up your metabolism. A half of a gallon of water weights about 5 pounds a gallon would be 10 pounds. That gives you more weight without calories to burn more calories. The water will help you flush toxins from your body. Some of these toxins are associated with aging and making you have that tired feeling.

Source by Joan Lynch

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