Cardi B, Management, Meet with Celebrity Pencil Artist Alesh Akeem

United States of America’s female Rapper together with her team mates have met with Nigeria’s celebrity Pencil Artist, Alesh Akeem.

Cardi B, her team, and the Pencil artist met in the early hours of today 8th of December, 2019, at Eko Hotel & Suites and held private discussion together. Sources confirmed that the discussions that was held with the team was how to move Africa’s creative industry forward especially in the areas of Art & Craft.

During their meeting, Celebrity Artist, Alesh Akeem, also gifted the American rapper a Hyper-realistic pencil portrait of herself which she later posted on her Instagram story.

While Newsmen also spoke to Alesh Akeem’s management- The RedAce Company, asking about the content of their, they hinted saying, “We really can’t say much for now, but we can assure you something big is in the pipeline slated for early year 2020; no one will see it coming”.

Recall that Alesh Akeem is famous for creating Pencil Portraits of international celebrities and have been commissioned by the likes of Rio Ferdinand, The Migos, Jidenna, Ciara, T-Pain, J-Cole, Wizkid, and many more.

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