Catholic archdiocese guidelines that 2 accepted COVID-19 vaccines are OK—however not that third one!

As Kilgore notes, this reasoned willpower is additional defined by the Religious News Service.

The archdiocese issued the statement on Friday (Feb. 26), stating that whereas the choice relating to whether or not to get a vaccine is a person alternative, “the newest vaccine from Janssen/Johnson & Johnson is morally compromised because it makes use of the abortion-derived cell line in improvement and manufacturing of the vaccine in addition to the testing.”

A number of COVID-19 vaccine producers used cells initially derived from tissue from an aborted fetus within the 1970s, however the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines used the cell traces solely to check their vaccines, making the “connection to abortion … extraordinarily distant,” the assertion mentioned.

So cloned, aborted cells utilized within the improvement of the vaccine are okay, as a result of the connection is extra “tenuous,” however hey, once we are literally speaking about saving peoples’ lives with the ultimate product, then it’s somewhat too near Jesus?

Fortunately, no less than one non secular authority has his priorities all straight and aligned.

At the least one Catholic chief, Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler, has argued that even the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines are “produced immorally” as a result of they used the cells and have to be rejected as nicely.

Simply so we’re clear, this archdiocese (notably, Pope Francis, talking for the Vatican one month earlier than the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was introduced, seems to disagree) is saying that it’s higher to haven’t any vaccine in any respect than to have one which was derived, nevertheless distantly, from fetal cell tissue—even in its manufacturing stage.

This dumbassery truly has real-life penalties, no less than to these Catholics within the diocese who take note of such dictums.

The choice has the potential to influence vaccine distribution. A number of homes of worship — together with Catholic church buildings — at present serve as vaccination centers, as do many faith-affiliated organizations.

They’re not even actual “fetus cells.” They’re cloned cells.

The assertion is a part of a longstanding debate relating to using what are known as HEK293 cells, which reportedly hint their origins to an aborted fetus from the 1970s. Students and ethicists have famous that HEK293 and related cell traces are clones and are usually not the unique fetal tissue.

After I was youthful, I had these wild expectations that by a yr reminiscent of 2021, we’d be well past such a nonsense in American society.

Guess I used to be mistaken.

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