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“Three years ago, I missed a step on my way down a stairwell, breaking one of my ankles and spraining the other. Unfortunately for me, the X-ray didn’t show any break in the bones at the time, so I spent the next four months hobbling around with a cane, wondering why my sprain hadn’t yet healed. Eventually at my annual checkup, my doctor sent me for an MRI and I later found out one of my ankles had been broken all along. I tell you this, because after walking around on a broken ankle for four months — 2 miles to and from work every day — you would have tried any topical rub to make it feel even a little bit better that you could get your hands on.

On Thanksgiving of that year, I showed off my bottle of Apothecanna Extra Strength Body Creme to my parents as a part of my daily routine of products I use to relieve the pain of walking around on that ankle. I had bought it on a trip to Denver, Colorado, where I sampled more THC and CBD topicals that I had ever seen in one place. My favorite was this product because the only way I can describe the effect is that it felt like my physical pain was somehow melting away. I mistakenly thought it was actually full of THC — how could something without it be so effective?! — so I had peeled the entire label off of the bottle in order to fly home with it. Well, I’ve gone through so many bottles of it since then and was delighted to learn that I didn’t have to peel that label off at all; you can buy it and the rest of their product line quite legally via their website.

But back to Thanksgiving: Here was my mother, probably very skeptical of the white bottle without a label that I was putting on her feet that she thought might “make her high” (and let’s be clear here: it doesn’t). But after about 10 seconds of the CBD cream being on her, she felt extreme relief and truly couldn’t believe it. Next it was my father’s neck: Nothing had relieved his pain in that place until I bought him a bottle of this. He called me a few days later and left me a voicemail that I would describe as “rejoiceful.”

So what’s the moral of this long story? If you have pain in any bones, joints, or muscles, I really recommend trying this for sweet, sweet relief. Oh, and if you want to wow your parents with a gift? Give them a topical CBD cream like this one.” —Whitney Jefferson

Get it from Apothecanna for $20.

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