Cereal Diet For Weight Loss

If you are searching for a great kick-start diet for weight loss, a cereal diet is a reduced fat, lower calorie, temporary diet that will provide you with a great beginning to a longer-term weight loss program or a fast remedy if you want to get rid of just a couple pounds. Keep reading to discover ways to lose weight with a cereal diet.

• Eat a wholesome cereal for your morning meal every day. Enjoy a single portion or around 3/4 of a cup full of cereal with 1 % or skim milk and include a bit of fresh fruit like a few strawberries, a wonderful banana or blueberries.

• Enjoy a mid-morning quick snack of some fresh fruit, uncooked veggies or a reduced fat cereal bar.

• Have a bowl of cereal for a noon-time meal. Have the kind of cereal that you enjoyed for your morning meal or select a different type that you like. Add in milk and fresh fruit also and think about switching it around every time you eat or adding several fresh fruits to the bowl of cereal to make it fun.

• Have fresh fruit or vegetable munchies in the day mid-way between lunch time and the evening meal to put a stop to urges and decrease temptations to cheat. A few ideas include things like fresh fruit, a fruit cocktail cup, uncooked veggies with a reduced fat dip, lower fat cereal bars or one helping of a prepackaged 100 calorie between meal snack.

• Have a reasonable evening meal. Due to the decrease in your total caloric consumption throughout the day with the cereal diet, dinner may be almost anything you prefer, within reason. Proteins are a great idea for dinner since a big part of your various other daily meals is carbs. Have a good meal so that you get satisfied and take pleasure in your food.

• Have a quick snack at night like fresh fruits, veggies, a cereal bar or even an extra bowl of cereal with fresh fruit when you are extremely ravenous.

• Stick to your diet for fourteen days after which you can add variety to your daily diet based on recommended per day consumption of meats, vegetables and fruits, breads, cereal and milk products to make sure you are obtaining sufficient nourishment. Even if this diet can lead to weight loss over a temporary time period, this is simply not a lasting weight loss answer.

• If you would like changes during the cereal diet, think about having cereal for the morning meal and the evening meal sometimes rather than breakfast and lunch time and even for lunch and dinner rather than breakfast. Switching things up can make the two-week diet much easier to survive.

• Take a multivitamin so that you receive sufficient nutrients since you are lowering your caloric consumption greatly along with required substances like proteins and dietary fiber.

• Have lots of liquids during this diet to stay nicely hydrated, particularly if you are planning to incorporate working out into your diet program.

• For those who have health issues or worries, you must speak with your physician regarding the basic safety of the diet prior to starting it.

• This method is a reduced calorie diet that will jumpstart a weight loss program. However, it must not be used for a long time or you may experience a deficiency of important nutrients.

Source by Sandy Klocinski

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