Children's Fashion Accessories

For all you mom's and, mom's to be with small children, there are so many options to choose from these days from crochet or knit beanie hats to headbands. And, so many styles and colors to choose from. All moms want to show off their little ones when they take them out. Safety is a must when it comes to making a purchase on children's accessories. When picking out hair accessories for your child always make sure that all the proper lead testing has been done on the products you purchase. Also, never leave an infant unsupervised with small object that could cause a choking hazard.

With so many selections of headbands out today you can mix or match the headband with or without a flower clip or a small chunky bow clip. With all the colors and styles to choose from, it makes it easy to find one that will match your child's outfit. Headbands come in a cotton blend, knit, and also the harder plastic style.The same can be said with the crochet or knit beanie hats. You can wear the hats alone or add a flower clip like a daisy flower clip, a smaller chunky bow or curly bow. The addition of a flower clip or bow adds more style and color to the hat not to mention the outfit.

Curly bows are great accessories. They go great with hats, headbands or just clipped into the hair. Children also wear curly bows clipped onto their flip-flops. The bows come in every color that you can imagine. You can get them to match the season you're in and many holiday colors. The more popular bows also come in animal prints. Sizes are normally in the 2 "to 4" range.

Tutus are something every little girl loves to wear. Tutus are great for picture-taking time, birthdays or just to play in. The tutus are also available in just about every color and style you can imagine. You can get them from long to short. Skirts, dresses with or without flowers, flowers attached on the outside of the tutu or loose flowers that are sewn into the skirt itself, free-floating. They are great to wear to the dance studio, or just to make a long ride in the car more fun as well. You can get them to fit infant to adult.

With the fashion trends today not only do the clothes matter but the accessories that are worn with them as well. Jewelry is also something that children love wearing. You can get little bracelets with a matching jeweled crown that are very inexpensive just in case they lose them. Every little girl loves to show off their jewelry to their friends. Slap wristbands are another big hit with the little ones as well.

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