Chinese Acquiring US Military Helicopter Technology – That’s Nothing New

A couple of years ago, we had a Canadian company subsidiary of a US Helicopter manufacturer inadvertently sell military technology to the Chinese government. The Chinese had told them that they were running a state-owned company that would build commercial helicopters to transport people. Sure, that made sense at the time, but the Chinese only really wanted the jet turbine technology for military helicopter uses, and the Canadian company said they were misled. Were they?

Well, that remains to be scene, and the company denied intentionally transferring state-of-the-art jet engine technologies to the Chinese for military usage. Now then, without taking sides in that investigation or later fine and prosecution – I’d like to point out that the Chinese use various methods to get information;

1. Corporate Espionage

2. Computer Hacking Strategies

3. Industrial Relations Deals With Companies

4. International Trade Deals With Other Governments

There was an interesting article I pulled out of my files the other day, you might say I have a little research library here for my writing on many topics. The article appeared in Air Combat Magazine in the May/June issue of 1989; “Chinese Chinooks – The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Orders Six International Chinooks,” and there was a picture attached which showed a Boeing CH-47D being off loaded from a C-5 Galaxy. Boeing even stuck around to train the PLA pilots.

These helicopters had night vision pilot technologies, modular hydraulics, newly designed fiberglass reinforced rotor blades, and had a 54,000 lb. maximum gross weight. These helicopters had two 4500 turbo Textron Lycoming motors which could operate in -65 degrees to 125 degree weather. Basically able to get to Tibet and Back or fly over the mountains into India, Pakistan, or Afghanistan if needed. If that isn’t incredible technology for the Chinese back in 1989, I don’t know what would be.

What I am saying is this, China would have gotten that technology anyway, and no that doesn’t make it okay that they pulled a fast one, or found a company willing to look the other way, that is also unacceptable behavior, but what it shows you is how intent the Chinese are in having the best of everything in every industry including all the technology the US can produce in our industrial military complex. If they don’t already have it, they will. And this is the reality, something I hope you will please consider and think on. No one is innocent when it comes to illegal military technology transfers.

Source by Lance Winslow

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