Choosing Your Topic for a Work Related Speech

I recently gave a keynote speech to a wonderful toastmasters club. The name of my keynote address was “How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking While Becoming a Confident Speaker.” After the speech there was a question and answer session and at the conclusion of the meeting two of the participants asked me the same question in succession. I was asked “What if I am not passionate about what I am going to speak about? I have to prepare a speech about my job!”

I paused for a second and told both of them that there are going to be one or two areas of interest that they would be able to relate to within their subject matter. The key is to find out what those areas of interest are and base the speech around those points. This can be a challenge but it can be done with practice. Work related material is not the most exciting or fun to create a speech on. Many people are working in a job or career they are not that excited about and because so, the passion to speak on any related subject matter can be a challenge.

Yet, coming off as being passionate about your work related speech or presentation is necessary for a promotion or increase in salary. Do your homework and research and you will find the areas of interest. Once you do, practice and prepare correctly and develop the habit of winning prior to giving your presentation/speech to your co workers or boss. They will be appreciative of your dedication and you will greatly improve your speaking and preparatory skills and can apply these invaluable skills to an area you are passionate about!

Source by Rey Ybarra

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