Chuck Norris Exercise Machine – Top Features of the Chuck Norris Exercise Machine

Chuck Norris, as the spokesperson for Total Gym has made such an impact on this product that many people refer to it as… Chuck Norris Exercise Machine. Norris, who was born on March 10, 1940, just turned 69 years old. (His real name is Carlos Ray Norris.) According to the Total Gym website, Chuck Norris has been using the Total Gym for over 30 years.

Supposedly, he calls the Chuck Norris Exercise Machine, a.k.a. Total Gym, his lean, mean, exercise machine. Certainly one look at Chuck and for a man his age he certainly is fit and ready to go. Granted, he doesn’t have that “Steroid Bodybuilder” look but, he certainly is in shape. (According to the companies sales literature you can perform more than 80 exercises on some of their models. That’s enough to get into bodybuilder shape!)

As the story goes, the reason Mr. Norris became involved with this product was when he had just injured his shoulder and was scheduled to go in for surgery. At that same time, Total Gym contacted him to become their spokesperson. They convinced him to postpone his surgery and use their exercise equipment. He got such good results that he never had shoulder surgery performed. He offered at that time, to endorse their product for “No Compensation” because he liked it so much. Instead, they made him their spokesperson… which he continues to be to this day.

Currently, the Chuck Norris Gym, has 3 models available. The 2000, 3000, and the XLS models. They range in price from $600 to about $1500. All the different models are pretty much the same, except for, the accessories. They all come with a instructional DVD that explains how to perform the exercises.

Here are some the top features of the Chuck Norris Exercise Machine:

  • Easy to Store
  • Lifetime Warranty on Frame
  • Free Shipping on All Models

There many different choices in the home exercise equipment market. But, whether you’re a man or a woman… you need to first determine what are your fitness goals in order to make the right decision. Don’t let the fancy infomercials or celebrity endorsements sway you in your decision. Although, the Chuck Norris Exercise Machine is a quality home gym there are other less expensive alternatives.

Source by Joseph Milano

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