Chuck Schumer Says Public Pressure Is Getting To McConnell

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said that the public pressure being put on GOP Senators is forcing Mitch McConnell to make changes.

Schumer said on MSNBC:

Mitch Mcconnell and Donald Trump will do everything to prevent four people from joining us in our quest for witnesses and documents. But with powerful speeches like Schiff, with Republicans hearing the whole narrative and the whole story for the first time who knows what happens?

And then just one more, there’s a second point. How did we get the few changes? Pressure, public pressure matters. And Americans who saw this presentation not just liberals but moderates and even Republicans have been moved by it. And that puts pressure on some of these Republicans. When Mcconnell did his resolution, the public pressure to have a fair trial and a fair resolution was so strong, that he had to make a few changes. He had to give us three days, the managers three days instead of two. He had to submit the house record of evidence. That didn’t happen because McConnell wanted to. He was pressured by his senators.


Public pressure is working. McConnell didn’t change his sham rules because he now values justice and fairness. He changed them because the public pressure got to his Republican Senators who are facing difficult reelection campaigns.

Schumer is right. The Democratic strategy is working. The American people need to hear all of the facts, and the pressure is growing by the hour on Republicans to break with McConnell and hold a fair trial.

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