Classic Fashion Treasures by William Rast

When the William Rast line was launched in 2006, it had the main aim of displaying the best in American denim culture. It had instant success in that domain and with time, it has really expanded and currently accommodates other fashion trends as well.

Its conception was thought up in 2005 by these two masterminds and after quite a bit of work into it, the line made its debut in the October 2006 Los Angeles fashion week. Its biggest impact however was made in the fall of 2008 when they first released a line of ready-to-wear collection for men and women. In the same year, the brand engaged in a serious campaign on both the print and electronic media. It has been smooth sailing ever since with a huge following of celebrity and other consumers loyally adhering to the brand.

William Rast is a popular name these days in fashion shows and its market has spread out from the US to stir up the fashion industry in parts of Europe and other continents. The success of this fashion line is not simply limited to having popular names – Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala – as its founders. It has made a name because its focus is on enhancing already existing fashion cultures, giving them a new edge.

For instance, the local culture already prized denim and its association with the biking tradition. Hence, building on this very appeal to come up with a current product was almost a guarantee of success. They have also made an enviable reputation by partnering with big names in various industries to keep their privileged position. This has granted them entry into largely unexplored territories and made them instant hits. The world is currently looking forward to the launch by Target of its latest collection in December.

The William Rast apparel line is currently ranked among other high flyers in the fashion scene. It has as a result found its way into high-end departmental stores and the hearts of many. The target market of its products is men and women and apart from jeans, jackets, shirts and tops, it features accessories and footwear.

It is renowned also for its woven articles and knits, leather jackets and general outerwear for both women and men. This line of products has earned a reputation for making the rare combination of style, comfort and quality. The variety of designs featured is targeted at meeting the requirements and tastes of the individual and this is a great plus for the brains behind it.

Source by Ali Raza

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