CNN buries Pillow Man with in-depth report on his delusions

This will get bizarre—and Lindell will get greater than a little bit defensive right here—however the important thing takeaway is that CNN consulted actual cyber and election specialists somewhat than the cabal of obvious scammers Lindell has employed to interpret his pustulant pile of nothing.

Reporter Drew Griffin took the supposed packet capture evidence that Lindell has touted because the linchpin of his effort to place Donald Trump again within the White Home and left it in a tragic, viscous puddle on the ground.

GRIFFIN (VOICEOVER, beginning at 1:16): “When Lindell launched his so-called proof, in movies like this, fact-checkers shortly discovered it was proof of nothing. These photographs are simply publicly obtainable voter knowledge scrolling throughout the display screen, not proof of election hacking. So Lindell modified his story, saying now the true proof might be revealed at a cyber symposium, streamed stay, with MyPillow reductions obtainable all through. And as additional proof, he despatched CNN a preview: six totally different display screen photographs.”

GRIFFIN: “You despatched us this on Friday. What is that this?”

LINDELL: “That’s only one piece of 1.2 billion strains of knowledge from the election. Inside that might be timestamps of when it occurred, there’ll be flips in there.”

GRIFFIN: “So we despatched this to our personal skilled, and he mentioned it doesn’t present any particular actions of any type, election-related or not, and it’s proof of nothing.”

LINDELL: “Okay, so he mentioned that’s nothing, huh? Effectively, he’s improper. Then you definitely didn’t rent a cyber skilled.”

GRIFFIN (VOICEOVER): “We didn’t seek the advice of only one cyber skilled, we consulted 9 high election-security specialists who instructed us Lindell’s display screen photographs have been ‘extraordinarily rudimentary metadata’ and ‘fully ridiculous.’”

Oh, however that wasn’t all. When Griffin contacted 15 officers from 15 counties the place Lindell says votes have been switched by Chinese language hackers, all of them mentioned there was completely no proof of hacking. “We couldn’t discover a single person who mentioned that is even doable,” Griffin instructed Lindell. “They are saying you might be mistaken, they assume you’re improper. The underside line is that they have paper poll backups.”

At that time, Lindell obtained only a wee bit defensive: “So that you guys went and so they allow you to audit there? They allow you to do a full audit, CNN? You probably did a full audit on 15 counties, huh?”

After all, ignoring for now that paper poll backups and subsequent recounts way back put the mislead Trump’s and Lindell’s voter fraud claims, Lindell additionally fails to elucidate away the prima-facie impossibility of hacking a voting machine that’s not hooked as much as the web. However, hey, why get in the best way of a enjoyable story?

Later within the phase, when Griffin mentioned he was apprehensive that Lindell would be the sufferer of a rip-off, Lindell turned sarcastic, citing the $5 million prize he’s put up for anybody who can debunk his proof: “Effectively, then why don’t you come to the symposium and make $5 million? Are you apprehensive about me? We must always give a hug. You’re apprehensive about ol’ Mike? Oh, God bless you!”

It was as mad and flustered as I’ve ever seen Lindell, and admittedly, it was a bit jarring—virtually like watching the genial Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man instantly go on a murderous rampage. 

In a sane world the place information and proof nonetheless mattered, Lindell would have slunk away from the interview, canceled his cyber symposium scheduled for Aug. 10-12, laid his foam-stuffed head on his foam-stuffed pillow, and gotten some much-needed relaxation. However he received’t do this. As a result of he’s Mike Lindell, and Jesus instructed him Donald Trump was the rightful president.

My prediction? Lindell’s cyber symposium—which for me might be like celebrating Christmas 4 months early—will reveal a complete lot extra nothing so as to add to the nothing pile Lindell already has locked in storage. However Lindell won’t be deterred. Regardless of what number of cyber specialists debunk Lindell’s claims, they’ll all someway be “uncovered” because the “improper specialists.” And this fantasy will proceed for years to come back.

And whereas that’s nice for our facet (the extra true-believer Republicans who assume there’s no use in voting, the higher, proper?), Lindell’s gooble-gobble, which has doubtless satisfied hundreds of thousands of fellow vacationers that Trump might be reinstated earlier than the 12 months is out, is nonetheless corrosive to our democracy. And it provides juice to virulently anti-democratic forces equivalent to, nicely, our earlier pr*sident.

Fortunately, for as soon as a significant information outlet has produced the receipts—and so they present Lindell to be completely bankrupt.

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