CNN host stumps congressman selling election conspiracy lies

Sciutto requested for a single instance of proof of election fraud, and Higgins dragged out the drained prices that Republican Georgia elections official Gabriel Sterling debunked, point by point, on Monday. Sciutto did his greatest to level out that until Higgins had one thing new, his claims had already been investigated by a Republican official and located to be nugatory. “That is not true. The Georgia election official rejected that very—he rejected it level by level yesterday. I am asking what proof you need to contradict the state Republican election official there as you are claiming proper now? What proof do you could have?”

Higgins replied “Good sir”—sure, he mentioned that—“I say once more, we’ve a preponderance of proof that crimes might have been dedicated, election crimes.” To be clear, when requested for an instance from his “preponderance” of proof, Higgins is just capable of present extra proof that the one phrase he is aware of with greater than three syllables is “preponderance.”

Sciutto bluntly requested Higgins to “cite one instance,” to which Higgins went on a rant, claiming that he did cite the instance of “issues verifying signatures,” a cost that Sciutto notes was each investigated and yielded solely two questionable votes out of 15,000 (2, dos, two, dois, deux, due). Higgins then claimed that Sciutto is utilizing “speaking factors”—a rhetorical trick that might get you kicked out of a junior highschool debate membership, however will get you lauded by the Grand Outdated Get together of racists and fascists.

Higgins then pivoted, explaining that investigations take time. He then famous that D.C. officers cited new complaints against someone possibly connected with the Lockerbie, Scotland, plane bombing over 32 years ago. I assume Higgins thinks Donald Trump ought to keep in workplace for a number of extra years or many years, in the course of an intensive investigation of evidence-free claims made by individuals who have additionally wrongly claimed that COVID-19 wasn’t a harmful pandemic and that local weather change isn’t actual.

Higgins insisted that he is aware of about investigations whereas Sciutto doesn’t. That’s true: Higgins was investigated and located to have used extreme power as a Louisiana police officer, after which was investigated and located to have lied to investigators. So he does know a factor or two about investigations. The truth is, he seems to be paying off a guy that lied for him.

Perhaps that ought to really be investigated.

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