Coconut Oil – A Pure Degreasing Agent and Make-up Remover

Have you ever ever had your palms caked in grease and filth or paint and tried to scrub it off utilizing bizarre hand cleaning soap? You possibly can scrub till your pores and skin is uncooked and nonetheless not take away all of it. Grease, motor oil, oil-based paints, printing ink, varnish, and different oil-based merchandise generally is a nightmare to take away. The one issues that appear to work are costly anti-grease hand detergents and lava cleaning soap, which incorporates crushed rock and acts like sandpaper. There’s another choice: coconut oil – not oil of coconut cleaning soap, simply the bizarre oil itself.

Coconut oil is an unbelievable degreasing agent. It cuts via grease like a scorching knife cuts via butter. No extra scrubbing for what looks as if hours making an attempt to get your palms clear. Take a teaspoon or so and work it over your palms as in the event you had been washing your palms within the oil. The grease will dissolve and virtually soften off your palms. After the grease turns into liquefied, wipe it off with a paper towel. Take away the remaining oil by washing your palms with bizarre cleaning soap and water. Your palms shall be clear and spotless. It is easy. If you need a bit of extra scrubbing energy, you’ll be able to add small quantity of corn meal to the oil. This offers the oil some tooth to dig out imbedded grime.

Coconut oil makes a superb pure make-up and mascara remover. No want to make use of petroleum-based mineral oils or costly make-up removers. Simply dab a bit of coconut oil in your palms and rub it onto your face. Wipe off the surplus oil and make-up with a paper tissue and wash your face with bathtub cleaning soap. Your face will look contemporary and clear. Chances are you’ll need to apply a skinny layer of coconut oil after washing with cleaning soap and water to moisturize and soften the pores and skin.

Source by Riley Abbott

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