Coffee – Cons and Pros About the Most Favorite Drink in the World

Coffee is certainly one of the most loved drinks in many countries of the world. Some people cannot imagine their morning without a cup of this aromatic drink. According to statistics half of grownups in USA consume this beverage on daily basis. So, let’s take a look at the major pros and cons of this popular drink.


Coffee beans are rich in antioxidant. This means they offer significant health benefits. So, what are those benefits and how often should you visit a cafe during the day?

Well, scientists have discovered that 3 cups of this drink a day would not hurt you and would deliver certain health benefits. Of course, you already know that it makes you wake up faster and helps you to stay alert and focused.

Besides, it has positive impacts on your colon and it can prevent colon cancer, if consumed regularly. It has a mild laxative effect and it helps your colon to clean up faster and to get rid of all the wastes. It tones up the muscles inside of your digestive tract and stimulates depletion.

Drinking coffee may help you to prevent developing such grave diseases as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes type II and even liver cancer. The antioxidants restore your cells and fight off the damaging and harmful impacts of free radicals.

Gallstones is another health problem that can be prevented by drinking 1 to 3 cups of this hot beverage daily. So, as you may see, it is not only a popular drink, but it is also highly beneficial for your health. Another health benefit of coffee beans is their ability to reduce the risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Caffeine keeps down the level of abnormal amyloid proteins, which play the key part in developing this disease.

Now, how about the cons?

It all depends on what kind of coffee drink you consume and what quantities you intake. For one, the above listed benefits are mostly inherent to natural black coffee with no additions. You may drink it with some milk, cream or sugar. But most cafe drinks contain other ingredients. They are not good for your diet, as they contain many calories.

So, it is best to drink freshly milled organic coffee instead of various ready-made drinks. Another key factor that can cause this drink to have bad impacts on your health is the number of cups you drink per day. It was already stated that your daily intake should not exceed 3 cups.

Too much coffee can cause sleep problems, anxiety, or digestive tract problems.

As you may see, drinking high quality coffee and limiting its daily intake can help you to enjoy all the benefits of this drink and to avoid all the draw backs of this popular beverage. Hopefully these simple tips would help you to balance your diet and enjoy all the benefits and wonderful taste of coffee.

Source by Vitaliy Knysh

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