Colts bash NFL for controversial non-review of apparent Deshaun Watson fumble

In the final two minutes of Thursday night’s Colts-Texans game, Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson appeared to lose the ball on a rush attempt as he tried to bleed time off the clock.

Colts players frantically motioned with their arms around the ensuing pile to indicate they believed they had gained possession. Officials, however, ruled the Texans had recovered the football, meaning it remained Houston’s ball with the Texans leading 20-17.

Controversially, there was no announced video review of the play. Indianapolis could not initiate a challenge because the clock was well beyond the two-minute warning.

Houston ran out the game’s remaining seconds after the near-giveaway to claim a key victory in the AFC South divisional race.

“There was no clear visual evidence of a recovery by the defense,” the NFL’s officiating account tweeted.

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After the game, Colts linebacker Darius Leonard told reporters he recovered the ball. He also said Watson knew right away that it had been popped out of his hands.

Injured Colts running back Marlon Mack and former Colts defensive back Darius Butler right away expressed displeasure on Twitter when the play occurred.

Others, including Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp, seemed to be on the Colts’ side.

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