Column: Lincoln Statues Should Go, Margaret Sanger Stays?

Levar Stoney, the black Democrat mayor of Richmond, made the chief choice to take away a statue of Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson on Monument Avenue to “expedite the therapeutic course of for town.” This demonstrated how cities with liberal majorities can take down statues in an orderly trend with out vandalizing them or pulling them down. Or it demonstrates how Democrat mayors reply to strain from the self-appointed statue elimination squads.

The Left is interested by taking down every kind of statues, which raises an apparent query: The place are the statues the Left has put up? Nobody’s ripping these down.

In 2017, Peter Dreier at requested “The place Are All of the Monuments to the Progressive Individuals?” He complained most of our nation’s statues have fun political, enterprise, and navy heroes. “Shouldn’t we additionally honor the organizers, activists, artists, writers, athletes, judges, and occasional elected officers who fought to make the USA a extra humane and inclusive nation?”

Then Dreier listed a number of examples the place the Left’s heroes have a statue. That is Exhibit A:

“This statue of the pioneering and fearless contraception advocate Margaret Sanger, with a gag over her mouth, stands in Outdated South Assembly Home in Boston. There aren’t any faculties named for the controversial socialist and feminist.”

Honk when you discover it weird to explain Sanger, a racist and eugenicist, as your avatar of “humane and inclusive” insurance policies. Her creation Deliberate Parenthood is a number one destroyer of black lives earlier than they begin. However when black women and men cooperate in abortions, you couldn’t presumably be allowed to inform them these extinguished lives matter. They had been…. inconvenient.

Professional-lifers will present you Sanger’s personal autobiography, as she mentioned talking earlier than the ladies’s department of the Ku Klux Klan: “I accepted an invite to speak to the ladies’s department of the Ku Klux Klan in Silver Lake, New Jersey…Ultimately, via easy illustrations I believed I had completed my objective. A dozen invites to talk to comparable teams had been proffered.”

It’s not shocking that nobody has vandalized the Sanger statue. Nobody has ripped it down and set it on fireplace with gasoline. It stands undisturbed. It’s not on public property. The Outdated South Assembly Home was a Puritan church. Conservatives can despair on the “evolution” of this once-Christian area, however not one has vandalized it.

In the meantime, NPR reported the Boston Artwork Fee voted unanimously on June 30 to take away Boston’s copy of an Emancipation Memorial depicting a previously enslaved man on the toes of Abraham Lincoln. That statue has stood in Boston’s Park Sq. since 1879. However, activists complained, it was a “white-created statue.”

Boston artist Tory Bullock mentioned the sculpture is a “whitewashed” portrayal that denigrates a complete group of individuals. “It is a frozen image. This man is kneeling, he won’t ever rise up.  This picture is problematic as a result of it feeds right into a narrative that black folks should be led and freed. Why is our trauma so glorified?”

Sanger, the racist and eugenicist, stays, whereas Lincoln is eliminated. He’s apparently the enemy of the African-American folks. A picture of emancipation is traumatic. The abortions of black infants is seemingly therapeutic.

Leftists like Tory Bullock don’t perceive how individuals who gladly acknowledge that “black lives matter” would contemplate the Left’s ethical posturing to be primarily based on ideology greater than actuality. They communicate angrily and endlessly of violated “black our bodies,” however to borrow a phrase from George Orwell, they suggest some black our bodies are extra equal than others. 

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