Coming Soon A Virtual Parent-Teacher Meeting

Have you ever wondered sitting in those meetings, if there was another way of doing those parent teacher meetings? Probably, do these meeting more discreetly or even virtually?

Improving technology is now available to greatly alter and improve the parent-teacher dynamic. While the thought of a virtual parent teacher meeting may have existed for long enough, technology is now fully evolved to bring this to reality. At the same time, educational institutions are becoming increasingly more savvy in employing technology to improve their services. Deploying phone systems is now a viable option being sought by various educational institutions.

Soon enough we will be inhabiting a world where in the ward’s progress reports are digitally delivered and everyday activities of be uploaded to an online dashboard for the parent’s viewing. Dial-in options using phone systems amongst others are several path breaking measures that we will be able to see in our own times as connectivity improves further; parents become more tech-savvy; and our lives become even more connected.

The government is doing its bit in improving the connectivity. The ball is now firmly in the court of the educational institutions to become more enterprising in the use of technology for their parent-teacher liaisons and overall educational benefits. They can employ a dial-in system to let parent’s access the ward’s attendance or progress reports. Conference calls or via two-way voice messaging platforms, mobile app etc., are all avenues that ought to be sufficiently explored to improve parent-teacher relationship.

The education sector is a critical component preparing a nation for its future growth. What we invest in today’s education will determine the magnitude of a nation’s growth in the years to come. The National Broadband Network is an ambitious and hugely beneficial initiative – the government just has to make sure that all students – irrespective of where they come from accrue equitable benefits such that their current situation is only improved, and not diminished by NBN.

There are great many options and whichever be the one that educators and parents decide upon, the underlying principles however ought to remain the same. Improvements in digital connectivity have to result in an expanded reach of education and educational facilities. And secondly it must bring into the educational-fold, a great many of those who are yet outside.

Technology is play a vital role in shaping our present, but by employing technology in education we definitely improve the tomorrow for our children.

To conclude, technology can play a great role in improving the parent-teacher dynamic. Digital delivery of progress reports, virtual parent-teacher meetings and digitization of the child’s schooling activity are examples of the improvements that technology can bring to the education experience Several path breaking measures will be seen in our own times as connectivity improves; parents become more tech-savvy; and our lives become even more connected.

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Source by Susheel Tadka

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